Revision 2


Live from the

Enterprise Center

in downtown St. Louis,


United States!

A crowd of 9,725 are in attendance

The PPV begins with a video  with a shot outside the arena……..a limo pulls up and the door opens...the Prez steps out of the limo and the fans in the arena can be heard cheering. The Prez closes the door and does the button up on his suit jacket…..he then walks into the building as the credits for the PPV begin

Resurrection by Moist plays as the below is shown on the big screen as the fans POP.


Resurrection!!! The end of an era…….and the beginning of a new one!!!

The EIWF is Evolving…...


The video package ends and shows the live crowd as the commentary team are heard over the footage

TM: Hello everyone I’m Tim Moss and welcome to the Resurrection of the EIWF!

MM: Timmy, what is the Prez doing here? This is the first time we have seen the owner since he handed control of the EIWF to Revolution!!

TM: I have no idea why he's here, perhaps he just wants to oversee a few things. Maybe he’s here as a fan? Maybe...he’s here to fire Revolution! But I’m sure we will find out, exactly….why he is here.

MM: Timmy, what are you doing here? I thought you was gone??

TM: No Mark, I just work PPV’s now.

MM: Well it’s good to be working with a professional once again, I’m fed up of that Hicks and Joey before him!

TM: Fans we have a jam packed show tonight and I think that tonight's show…..could be the greatest ever in the history of our sport!!

MM: We got Hollywood Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, Big Poppa and Davie J all on the card tonight….it’s gonna be a great night!

TM: Mark…..

MM: Yes Timmy?

TM: Don't ever change will you??

MM: Hey, why change a winning formula!


(Don't stop believin by Journey plays and there is a loud boo from the fans as Jimmy Brandon walks out wearing the Genesis tag title belt around his waist)


TM: One half of the tag team champions and from the New Era Icons, Jimmy Brandon!

MM: Wow….this fans sure have turned on Jimmy Brandon!


(Jimmy pulls away from fans as they reach out to touch him, he climbs the steps and enters the ring. Superstar by Saliva plays as the CREW symbol flashes over the big TV screens in the arena. The fans boo and Big Poppa walks out wearing a CREW t-shirt)


MM: What an ovation for Big Poppa!

TM: To me it sounds like just as many boo’s for Big Poppa as there was for Jimmy Brandon!

MM: What?? It's clear Timmy, these CREWites are all cheering Big Poppa.

TM: Hmmmmmm


(Big Poppa makes his way to the ring and gets in, Jimmy takes his belt off and turns to hand it to an outside official as Big Poppa runs and hits Jimmy on the back with a forearm….the Ref calls for the bell)


Big Poppa vs Jimmy Brandon

TM: This one is under way!!.......Big Poppa making the most of Jimmy Brandon turning his back and Big Poppa has knocked Jimmy down to the mat with a series of hard rights and is now stomping on Jimmy……..The Ref comes over and tells Big Poppa to stop and let him out the corner.

MM: What is the Ref doing?? He’s interfering! I think Jimmy was about to call it!!

TM: I think it’s a bit early for that!........Jimmy is back up to his feet….he stands in the corner….Big Poppa charges at Jimmy and goes for a shoulder tackle…..Jimmy moves out the way and Big Poppa flies shoulder first into the turnbuckle hitting it hard!......

MM: Oh no! That look serious!

TM: Big Poppa is up and he's holding that shoulder, he looks like he's in pain…...Jimmy kicks Poppa to the gut…...DDT by Jimmy…..Jimmy covers Poppa for the pin….the Ref gets into position and counts………….1………...kick out by Big Poppa!!!......Jimmy is up and so is Big Poppa..Big Poppa with a hard clothesline on Jimmy sending him down to the mat! But Big Poppa again is holding his shoulder here.

MM: It looks like he has a real serious injury here Timmy, he should stop and forfeit the match but Big Poppa will want to do the CREWites proud and continue on.

TM: Big Poppa stomps on Jimmy…..Jimmy grabs the foot of Big Poppa and knocks him off his feet…………..Jimmy slides over and puts a headlock on Big Poppa…..the Ref checks the move is legal. (the fans start a boring chant)

MM: The fans are not impressed it seems Timmy, and I can understand it. For Big Poppa to  get injured like he has, it’s taken away from the match…..and he's the talent out of the two in the ring!

TM: You are unreal!

MM: Timmy…..Im the only thing that IS real in the world of wrestling!

TM: Jimmy Brandon trying to wear Big Poppa down (fans continue to chant boring)......Jimmy looking out at the fans and he appears to be bothered by this…...we all know how he use to interact with the fans……..Jimmy drops the hold and stands him…..he leans on the ropes and starts to taunt the fans (who boo heavily)........Big Poppa gets up….Jimmy turns around and Big Poppa kicks him to the gut….Big Poppa grabs Jimmy….Belly to Belly Suplex!!

MM: Yes!!!!

TM: Big Poppa should be going for the pin but he's on one knee and holding his shoulder…...Jimmy slowly gets up….Jimmy runs at Big Poppa and Big Poppa back flips Jimmy to the outside…...Big Poppa uses the ropes to hold himself up……..the Ref walks over and begins to count Jimmy on the outside…………...1…………………...2……………….Jimmy gets to his feet and starts to argue with some nearby fans……………………..3………………...4…………...Jimmy grabs a fan in the front row with a CREW t-shirt on and rips it off him!

MM: How dare he!!!!

TM: He holds it up to Big Poppa and blows his nose on it!! ………..5………………..6…………..Big Poppa leans over to grab Jimmy but he can't reach……….Jimmy grabs the feet of Big Poppa and pulls him down to the mat…………..7………………...8…………...Jimmy slides in the ring and stomps on Big Poppa……….Jimmy grabs the head of Big Poppa and pulls him up… whip into the corner by Jimmy………...Jimmy follows in with an elbow……...Jimmy pulls Big Poppa out of the corner and applies a standing armbar…….Big Poppa is in real pain here and the Ref is checking if he submits! Jimmy drops the hold and hits Big Poppa with a standing dropkick...Poppa goes down….Jimmy stands up and holds his arms out in the middle of the ring (the fans boo) he slowly walks over and covers Big Poppa and the Ref gets down to count…………..1…………….2………….kick out by Big Poppa! JImmy stands up and tells Big Poppa to get up………

MM: Who does he think he is???

TM: Big Poppa slowly gets up……….Jimmy hitting him with punches as he gets to his feet……..Jimmy kicks Big Poppa to the gut….grabs him…..snap suplex by Jimmy Brandon…….Jimmy gets up…...turns Big Poppa onto his front….crotchs over him and grabs his arms….POPPA RECLINER!!!!! Jimmy Brandon is using Big Poppa submission move on him!

MM: (Sits there with an open mouth)

TM: The Ref is checking…….he's talking to Big Poppa…..his hand is going…..the Ref calls for the bell!! (ding ding)

MM: Ohhhh Timmy, Big Poppa is gonna be pissed, really pissed!!!


(Don't stop believin plays and the fans boo. Jimmy is handed his tag title and he holds it in the air and the fans throw a few pieces of trash in the ring and chant Jimmy sucks)


TM: A win for the Jimmy Brandon and the New Era Icons. It's the start that Revolution would of wanted as he looks to the new younger talent and on this occasion the young blood has come out on top.

MM: Wait a minute Timmy, Big Poppa was injured. We both know if it wasn't for that injury Big Poppa would have destroyed Jimmy Brandon!


(The camera cuts backstage and L double E is in a room with Regal)


Reg: Ah yes, the Hero & maestro connection are here at the PPV but yet to perform together as a tag team.

LEE: Shhhhh……..he will hear you!

Reg: Huh? Who?? (The toilet flush is heard and the door opens. L double E walks into the bathroom and walks out with the Rage cardboard cut out under his arm….he stands him up next to Regal.)

LEE: Me and Rage have been talking, and we need to be clear on some things.

Reg:...Like what?

LEE: I explained to Rage that you are joining the ‘Connection’ not replacing him, not taking his place…..right? (L double E winks at Regal)

Reg: Ah right yes that's correct. You don't need to worry Rage………..what the hell am I saying?

LEE: Now I explained to Rage that it is the three of us in the connection now. We are going to take advantage of this situation. You see people won't be able to prepare for match against us because they wont know who they are facing. It could be L double E and Regal. It could be L double E and Rage….hell it could be Regal and Rage!

Reg: Like the Freebirds rule?

LEE: Exactly! (L double E hands a bag to Regal and the original EIWF World title belt.)

Reg: What's this for?

LEE: Well the title belt, can you give that to Revolution.

Reg: Sure, what about this bag?

LEE: That? Well when the times right I will ask you for it!

(scene cuts back to the announcers)


TM: It appears that the Anti Hero L double E is finally giving up the EIWF World title.

MM: He had no right to be walking around with it in the first place Timmy.

TM: It must of been one of the conditions on him getting his spot on the show tonight awarding him for winning the Final Stand tournament, that he had to give the belt back.

MM: Maybe, I still can't believe we have to honor him for his fluke victory at the Final Stand PPV!

TM: Well Regal needs to get ready as he's up next as he takes on the CREW’s Jeff Jarrett.

MM: Two of the more experienced wrestlers face off and are looking to put on a show to stick it to Revolution and show they can still have a good match.

TM: Jeff Jarrett we know about his three United States titles in the EIWF’s original run but Regal, he really has impressed a lot of people since we returned.

MM: Yep, I can't argue that Timmy. Voted most improved wrestler of 2018 and runner up of wrestler of the year. He's actually looked better than in the original run!

(My World by Dale Oliver plays and the fans boo. Images of Jeff Jarrett and the CREW are shown on the big screen above the entrance ramp. Jarrett walks out holding a guitar and holds it in the air to more boo’s from fans. He walks to the ring pointing at fans and exchanging words)


MM: The Ch-Ch-Chosen one Timmy!

TM: Jeff Jarrett, the founder of the EIWF Network subscription service, the former commissioner and creator of Havoc.

MM: But most importantly, a member of the CREW, the greatest faction in sports history!

TM: Jeff Jarrett has been in the mix for the Genesis title and tag titles since we returned and a former EIWF United States champion……

MM: One of the greatest of all time Timmy.

TM: Really?

MM: Without a doubt…...should be in the hall of fame.

TM: Really?

MM: YES...Really!!


(Land of Hope and Glory plays and there are boo’s from the fans. Regal walks out and stops on the ramp, he turns and appears to be talking to someone. Regal shakes his head….he then walks back through the smoke….he then appears with the Rage cardboard cut out and the fans cheer)


MM: How fickle are these fans???

TM: It appears Regal getting the rub with his association with the Hero & Zero Connection.

MM: I can't keep up Timmy, is it the Hero & Zero Connection? Is it the Hero & Maestro connection? Is it the ‘Three’ Birds Connection? Is it simply ‘The Connection’??

TM: I think it's the Hero and Maestro connection Mark…..


(Regal makes it to the ring and stands the Rage cardboard cutout on the outside and climbs the ropes and into the ring)


Regal vs Jeff Jarrett


TM: Regal and Jarrett circle each other….. Collar and elbow tie up ….. Regal gets in behind Jarrett with a rear hammerlock …... Jarrett reaches back for Regal’s head, but winces as Regal applies the pressure….. Jarrett twists, reverses and has Regal in a hammerlock of his own….. Regal goes to twist out of the hold but Jarrett blocks the attempt….. Jarrett drops the hold and grabs Regal in a side headlock….. Regal falls to one knee under the pain inflicted….. Regal lifts at Jarrett, going for a side suplex….. Jarrett applies more force to the headlock and Regal groans and drops Jarrett back to his feet….. Regal attempts to lift Jarrett again…… this time Jarrett comes down hard in an atomic drop ……. Jarrett winces and holds his back …… Regal reaches out to follow up but Jarrett meets him with a snap jab ……… Jarrett grabs Regal in a side headlock again ……. The referee is checking it’s not a choke hold but Jarrett tells him to “Get lost” …… Regal walks Jarrett into the ropes and Jarrett breaks the hold….. Jarrett steps away arms raised and clean…. Regal cranks his neck, shakes out the cobwebs and comes back at Jarrett…… Regal locks up with Jarrett ….. Walks him back into the ropes and Irish whips him out …… Regal use the ropes ……. Regal meets Jarrett with a high knee centre of the ring …… Jarrett goes down hard …… Regal drags Jarrett up and whips him into the ropes again …… meeting in the middle…… double clothesline and both men are down…… both men roll to opposite sides of the ring and pace the outside …..

MM: Quick test of your usually wayward judgement Timmy…. Who’s winning in your opinion?

TM: Well neither man has the upper hand yet ……

MM: WRONG! ..... If things look even then The Chosen One is winning. The younger man is fitter and will last the course …… How many years do you think Jarrett has on Regal?

TM: I think it’s only about 12 months between them…..

MM: Really? Well they’re 12 very long months …..

TM: I’m just surprised it’s all been fairly clean thus far….

MM: That won’t last. Neither of these guys shies away from the dark arts of the clinch for long…

TM: Regal and Jarrett cautiously roll back into the ring from opposite sides …… Jarrett tells Regal to “Bring it” …. Regal chuckles at the attempt to goad him into a mistake and they pace around some more ….. Jarrett and Regal lock up ….. Jarrett twists Regal into an arm bar …. Regal edges towards the ropes but Jarrett applies the pressure and Regal slumps to his knees in pain…… Regal gets back to one knee and tries again and this time gets to the ropes …… Jarrett drops the hold and hits Regal with a big chop …. Regal staggers a pace backwards ….. Jarrett grabs Regal, spins him around, hoists him up under his arm and hits a Back Breaker …. Jarrett covers …… 1….. 2 ….. Kick out by Regal! …… Jarrett grabs an arm while Regal is still down and applies a wristlock …. Regal is suffering …… Regal shows great resolve and agility there as he manages to twist and turn his way out from under Jarrett….. Jarrett shouts at the referee and gestures that his hair was pulled to get out of the hold …… Regal brushes off the suggestion smugly as though brushing dust off of his suit lapel …. Jarrett grabs Regal in a side headlock …… drags Regal along by the head for a few paces ….. Bulldog! ..... Jarrett covers …… 1….. 2 ….. Kick out by Regal! ……. Jarrett goes to pick Regal up but Regal kicks out at Jarrett and rolls away to give himself space to get up …… The two men pace around each other ….. Collar and elbow tie up ……. Jarrett breaks from the clinch, thumbs Regal in the eye and drags Regal down to the mat in an arm bar …… adjusts the hold and Jarrett has Regal face down on the mat in a wrist lock again….

MM: Jarrett hasn’t found his rhythm yet …. And look…. He’s too close to the ropes and Regal is able to get to the rope and break the hold again…..

TM: How much of that was Regal making sure he was close enough when he went down and how much was a mistake by Jarrett?

MM: Hard to say. I would generally go with whichever makes the Chosen One look better…. Not sure which that is on this occasion, but I sure wish Jarrett would hurry up and put this match and this old Brit bastard to bed…

TM: Regal gets back to his feet …….. Jarrett approaches and Regal surprises him with a European uppercut …… Jarrett reals back a pace …… Regal hits him with a ferocious chop and Jarrett goes down ……. Jarrett bridges and pops back up to his feet ………. Nice display of agility ……. Regal wrinkles his nose scornfully, unimpressed and they pace around each other again …… Regal grabs Jarrett into a side headlock …… Regal manoeuvres Jarrett’s head away from the referee and punches him in the face ……. Jarrett pops clean out of the headlock and hits the mat hard …… Jarrett rubs his jaw as the referee reprimands Regal ……. Regal protests his innocence smugly …….. Jarrett gets up and runs at Regal ….. Regal throws Jarrett over with an arm drag ……. Jarrett gets up quickly and comes again …….. Regal grabs him by the head and snap mares him over ……. Regal goes for the rear chin lock but Jarrett gets loose …… Jarrett is off the ropes and comes back again ….. Regal throws Jarrett over with a hip toss ….. Jarrett holds his lower back, but he’s back up like a jack rabbit.......... for two older guys the pace of this match is impressive …...... This time Jarrett runs, stops, blocks the attempted hip toss, stamps on Regal’s toes and stuns Regal with standing dropkick ….. Regal stumbles back hard into the nearest turn buckles ……. Jarrett steps back a couple of paces and sprints at Regal in the corner…….. Flying back elbow! …… Regal stumbles out and falls down in the middle of the ring …..

MM: Take it home Jarrett…. This shouldn’t last long now…. The first highlight to report on the Crew website coming up I think …… Staying True baby….

TM: Jarrett drops an elbow, skips up quickly and then hits a swift leg drop .........Jarrett covers.....1.....2....... Kick out.......... Jarrett complains about the count to the referee ……. As he drags up Regal, Regal tries to wriggle free of his grasp ….. Jarrett puts his boot on the second rope and rakes Regal’s eyes down the metal eyelets on his wrestling boots ……… Jarrett sends a half blinded Regal into the ropes..........Regal ducks the clothesline..... Comes off the other rope....... Jarrett turns round....... shoulder block........ Both men go down ……… Regal and Jarrett are both up…….. Jarrett Irish whips Regal into the nearest corner…… but there’s a reversal......... The referee is out of position..... He's in the way........ Bang! Good God, the referee just got crushed in the corner......... Clash of heads with Jeff Jarrett .........Jarrett is dazed but still standing.........

MM: Dirty, filthy trick by “The Gentleman” Regal there……. The officials should be off limits …… It’s not fair to Jarrett ……….

TM: I don’t think you can blame Regal….. He was half blinded by that eye rake heading into that reversal ……..

MM: Oh you underestimate me Timmy…… I can find a way to blame anyone of anything ……. It’s a gift….. Half blind isn’t blind….. Regal knew what he was doing……

TM: Regal grabs Jarrett as he staggers around......... hooks Jarrett’s arms from behind...... Tiger Suplex!!! ............ Regal holds Jarrett there bridged for the pin........ but there's no count......... the referee is out cold ………. Regal gets up frustrated and tries to bring the referee around …… Jarrett slowly rolls out of the ring behind Regal’s back ……. Jarrett still looks a little dazed as he gathers up his guitar….. Jarrett rolls back into the ring and creeps up behind Regal; still stood over the struggling referee ……. Jarrett cranks back with the guitar to smash Regal over the head ……. Regal has heard the crowd’s reaction and rolls out of the way of the blow just in time …….. Jarrett smashes the guitar on the canvas ……. Regal palm thrusts Jarrett repeatedly as Jarrett drops the shattered instrument …… Jarrett is being pounded but is somehow still standing ….. In desperation Jarrett grabs two handfuls of Regal’s wrestling trunks and dives backwards, sending Regal through the ropes crashing to the outside …… Regal gets back up slowly ……. Jarrett comes off the ropes and slides, hitting Regal with a well-timed baseball slide kick to the head on the outside …… Regal crashes headlong into the railings ……  Jarrett kicks his smashed guitar out of the way and heads outside after Regal …… Jarrett grabs Regal by the head and presses it hard against the ring, friction burning his face on the rough canvas…… Jarrett drags Regal out onto the ramp a few feet and hits a Snap Suplex! …….. Jarrett peels back a section of ringside blue matting and picks up Regal ……….. Out of the blue Regal rakes Jarrett’s eyes …… Regal shrugs off the pain in his back and hoists Jarrett up ……. Jarrett gets scoop slammed on the bare concrete!!!! …….. Jarrett is staying down holding his back ……. Regal sits on the ring steps, pausing for breath and nursing a black eye already beginning to rise under his right eye ……. The referee is finally back up on his feet and starts counting out the pair …… 1……. 2……… 3………. 4……… As Jarrett begins to get back to his feet Regal sends him crashing hard into the metal ring steps ……. The referee is shouting at Jarrett and Regal to get back into the ring ….. 5………… 6………… Regal rolls a dazed Jarrett into the ring and follows in after ….. Regal covers Jarrett and the referee counts 1……...2……….kick out!! …….. Regal complains about the slow count and drags Jarrett up to his feet …. Jarrett grabs two fistfuls of Regal's hair ….. Jawbreaker! …… and Regal drops to his butt holding his chin …… Regal is clearly shocked that Jarrett has got any offense left …… Both men get back to their feet and square off in the middle of the ring …… Jarrett punches Regal …… Regal chops back …… Jarrett chops him back ….. Jarrett and Regal exchange punches over and over …. The exchange is slowing down …… It looks as though Regal is coming off worse….. has Jarrett turned it around and got the advantage? ……….Regal ducks a punch ……. Jarrett and Regal end up side by side …….. Jarrett goes for The Stroke!!? ............Regal elbows Jarrett ……… crosses Jarrett’s arms around his own throat and drags him backwards down hard to the mat ……..REGAL CUTTER!!!! …… Haven’t seen him hit that move in years! ……. Regal rolls Jarrett onto his front and looks out to the crowd smiling …… Regal hooks up the ankles and locks his arms around Jarrett’s head ….. REGAL STRETCH!!!! He’s got it locked in ….. The referee is asking Jarrett the question……

MM: He’s wasting his time Jarrett will never quit……

TM: The referee is calling for the bell ….. Jarrett tapped out …..

MM: I stand corrected….


TM: Two of the old guard showing they can still put on a match.

MM: A great match, never write them off, these are seasoned pros and they have proven tonight they have still got what it takes.

TM: Indeed, Regal has been on fire since the EIWF returned, ranked the number one wrestler numerous times in the Fansite rankings and voted.

MM: Exactly Timmy, I think that's where Revolution is going wrong. Instead of burying them he should be using them to elevate the new talent. Use there experience, don't just discard it! I have to say, with Regal winning here….I still see that as an upset!

TM: The only person upset is you Mark.


(Camera cuts backstage…. Revolution is in an office backstage when the door opens and the Prez walks in with sunglasses and a fresh tan)


Rev: Boss, I wasn't expecting you??

Prez: I thought I would check in and see how you was doing, don't worry I’m not checking up. Just wanted to see how you was doing.

Rev: If I’m honest, it's been tough. The ratings are down, people have started a petition to oust me, everyone is trying to stab me in the back.

Prez: Look, relax. Calm down. I've had some time away and it’s done me a world of good.

Rev: you look well, and a nice tan too!

Prez: I've been on the beach, catching some rays and enjoying my new found wealth and semi retirement.

Rev: What's it like being a millionaire, or is it a billionaire?

Prez: Ha ha ha. Well when I floated the EIWF and sold all those shares…...well I don't need to worry about money ever again. But I didn't expect to have to hear so many whinging and whining people complaining……….about the ratings…

Rev: I knew it……

Prez: But don't worry…...I own 51% of the company, I still have the controlling interest.

(The Prez pulls a cigar from his top pocket and lights it….walks over and sits in a chair)

Rev: What do I do then?

Prez:.....(blowing smoke out)....whatever you want. I have faith in you, that’s why I put you in charge. Make the changes you want, stamp your authority.

Rev: I got some ideas, great ideas! You see the ratings are down because the American audience don't like change. So I say, let's go on tour. Europe, the Far East….Asia...Oceania!!

Prez: Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Rev: Exactly! Lets starve the American audience of the EIWF and then they will be begging for us to come back.

Prez: I like it!

(The scene cuts back to the announce table)


TM: It appears Revolution has some plans for the EIWF and turning around those declining ratings, what did you think Mark.

MM: Initially Timmy I didn't like it, but I've been thinking about it and I think Revolution is right. The European audience lap up the product when we go over there. Let's turn those tables, lets go over there, have a tour, have a good time, take in the culture and when we come back home, we will be welcomed with open arms.

TM: Next up is a huge match we Suicide takes on Hollywood Hogan. But before that we have to go to a quick commercial!

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TM: As we spoke about before the commercial break, our next match up is Hollywood Hogan versus Suicide.

MM: This is a huge match, in the EIWF’s original run this would have been a main event at any of the PPV’s, that's a fact!

TM: I have to agree with you there Mark.


(Last Resort by Papa Roach plays and the fans boo. Images of Suicide and the New Era Icons are shown on the video screen as some begins to fill the entrance way.)


MM: Listen to that Timmy, these fans know there stuff! They boo Suicide and the New era Icons. The inferior product replacing the classics. Its like new coke and the original coke.

TM: Mark I think most of our fans will be too young to know what your on about.

MM: Well I bet they have seen Breaking Bad so they have got an idea!


(Suicide walks out with the Genesis tag title on his shoulder. He walks a few steps down the ramp when a fan throws there beer over him. He lunges forward at the fan but is stopped by security….he then has a grin on his face and walks towards the ring.)


MM: The fans really hate him Timmy, he's walking to the ring with that title belt. A belt may I add he never defends!

TM: Suicide and Jimmy Brandon, love them or hate them but they have been ‘the’ tag team of the revival of the EIWF thus far!


(Suicide is in the ring and asks for a mic…..)


Sui: You pathetic people who boo me but yet pay their hard earned cash to see me….shows how dumb you really are. (fans boo) The New Era Icons have taken over the EIWF. Now lets send the old man back to the retirement home to have his soiled pants changed. Get Hogan out here, it’s time for him to face me, it’s finally time for him to step in the ring with me. Hes dodged me for years, ducked the challenge, tonight he will find out that stepping in the ring with the personification of extreme…...will be Suicide!!!!


MM: What a crock of shit!

TM: Hollywood Hogan is to face Suicide, another match in the CREW versus the New Era Icons feud!


(Voodoo child by Jimi Hendrix plays and there's a mixed reaction from fans but more cheer’s then boo’s.)


MM: What a reaction Timmy!!!! The fans are going to take the roof off!

TM: I don't think the crowd here is 100% behind Hogan, not by a long shot.

MM: I can't hear you Timmy, its deafening in here!


(Images of Hollywood Hogan and the CREW are shown on the big screen. Smokes fills the entrance way.)


TM: Hogan sure is taking his time.

MM: He can take as long as he wants Timmy. Three time EIWF World Champion, in the Hall of Fame, a true legend.


(Voodoo child continues to play as Suicide gestures to come out at the entrance way.)


MM: Make him wait Hollywood, Suicide should be on his knees bowing to Hogan.

TM: The fans are getting restless here.

MM: It will be worth the wait, it always is!


(Voodoo child stops as the track finishes and there are whistles from the fans)


Sui: Hollywood, get out here and face me, be a man for once in your life. Get him out here!!


(Voodoo child plays again as images are shown on the big screen.)


MM:Hollywood already has the upper hand Timmy! Hes winning the mind games, look at Suicide…..he looks agitated…frustrated…..Hogan will get in that ring and pick him a part.

TM: This is a match that Suicide has wanted and waited for….for many years! It has been often said that Hogan held Suicide back in the EIWF’s initial run and with Revolution now in charge, he's giving the younger stars there chance and he booked this match so Suicide could finally have a match with Hogan.


(Voodoo child continues to play but Hogan has still not come out. The ring announcer again says ‘making his way to the ring….Hollywood Hogan’.......)


TM: What's going on? Is Hollywood Hogan even here?

MM: What are you implying Timmy? Thats hes yellow? I don't think so!

TM: I'm not implying anything I'm just asking the question…..


(Voodoo Child stops and the fans boo. Suicide looks at the ring announcer who just holds his arms out. Suicide grabs the mic from the ring announcer)


Sui: Let this be known that Hollywood Hogan was afraid to step in the ring with the personification of extreme. That Hogan didn't have what it takes to face me, namely guts! He's running scared!


(Voodoo child plays again and interrupts Suicide. Hollywood Hogan walks out and the fans cheer)


MM: I told you Timmy!! Didn't I tell you!!!

TM: It looks like Hollywood Hogan has something to say, he has a mic in his hand!


(Hogan signals to cut his music)

HH: Suicide brother, Hollywood ain't afraid of no one! (fans cheer) I come out here when I’m good and ready, but your the fool who I've been making wait in the ring, watching you from the back Jack crying like a baby because you can't get your way.

Sui: Well I’m right here old man!

HH: You know what dude, I don't think so. This doesn't work for me brother! I think I’m going to have a night off, kick back and relax!


TM: It appears Hollywood Hogan is refusing to wrestle!

MM: Well he can do what he damn wants, he’s Hollywood Hogan!


Sui: I knew you was too yellow. You know I would of beaten you in the ring.

HH: No dude, you just want to use Hollywood to elevate yourself because you can't do it on your own. Well I aint doing that. I never rated you back in the day and I still don't. Hollywood only helps one person, and that's Hollywood Hogan! Revolution thinks he can tell me what to do? Well I’m under contract and I've got creative control, there's no way I’m doing anything to help Revolution. Hes failure Jack, just like you Suicide. I’m not saving your asses, but I will be around to pick up the pieces when the Prez comes begging for me to run the EIWF!


(Hogan tosses the mic down and walks out)

​TM: Hollywood Hogan has walked out on his match with Suicide!

MM: Hogan has drawn a line in the sand Timmy, he's not doing anything that benefits Revolution or the New Era Icons….he's got creative control….what can Revolution do???

TM: I think there will be a fall out from Hogan's actions tonight, but if what he says is true about his contract terms, then surely Revolutions hands are tied??


Hollywood Hogan vs Suicide


(The Ref begins to count ……………..1………………….2………………..3……………………….4…………………...5………………………...6…………………..7………………...8……………..9…………….10!!! He calls for the bell and raises the arm of Suicide!)


TM: Well I guess Suicide wins, but not in the way he would have wanted to.

MM: Hollywood Hogan has turned this around Timmy, he made Suicide wait……………...and wait…………………….and wait………….and wait a bit more, only to come out here and say not tonight brother!! Suicide will be livid!

(The camera cuts backstage to Revolution in his office with the Prez)

Rev: See, this is exactly what I'm on about! All the political BS!! Hogan is doing this because he wants to be in control…..

Prez: Look, calm down. I knew this would happen. The wrestling business is infested with politicians…...they will stab you in the back, they will bury you…..they will fuck you over to take your spot. But if they succeed they will come up short. If they were good enough to have your spot they would of got it on merit and not need to try and take it with politics!

Rev: I’m fed up with it, people always working against me. Hogan has deliberately refused to work the match to make this show fail.

Prez: He has, your right. So what you gonna do about it?

Rev: Well what do you mean? I can't just get rid him! He's under contract!

Prez: Well you better think of a way to break that contract. If you believe in the younger talent, go that way. Don't let Hogan and the CREW wear you down. Your in charge, not them!

Rev: I'm so pissed at what he's done, trying to make me look bad on my PPV debut. I’m going to finish Hogan’s career once and for all!!

(The door opens and Regal walks in)

Rev: Yes??

Reg: L double E asked me to give you this….(Regal hands the original EIWF World title belt to Revolution and leaves the room)

Prez: There's the old girl, still a beauty.

Rev: She sure is…..just wish I could of got hold of this thing back in the day.

Prez: Hey don't worry, you was the ICW World champion, that belt is right up there with this one.

Rev: (Revolution stares into the EIWF title belt)....Yeah…..


(The scene cuts back to the announcers)


MM: Revolution is not happy, but Hogan is a smart man. He's had lawyers all over his contract and its airtight. There's nothing Revolution can do.

TM: I’m sure Revolution will be getting his own lawyers to also check the details of Hogan's contract. I don't believe he can simply refuse to work.

MM: Timmy, he's not refusing as such…..just not happy with the way his character is being used…….

TM: This is going to get messy.

MM: It sure is!

TM: Fans dont forget to check out the Fansite section of the EIWF Network........

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TM: Next up on the Resurrection PPV that marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one under the leadership of Revolution we have the past versus the future.

MM: One of the all time greats Timmy against someone who could possibly be one of the all time greats in years to come.

TM: Former two time EIWF world champion and Hall of fame inductee….Badd Dogg….. will face the current Genesis champion….Showtime...Ellis Black!

MM: Ellis is putting the title and that winning streak on the line, it currently sits at an incredible 60 wins and zero defeats.

TM: I’m not sure how authentic that claim of 60-0 is and I know Revolution didn't care for it much.

MM: Revolution needs to keep Ellis on side, but Revolution has also been out recently with a hard line act. He's letting the boys know he's the boss. The last thing he wants is the new younger talent acting the same way as the older guys….Revolution has enough issues to deal with.

TM: Agreed Mark…..


(The arena lights dim and Bawitdaba by Kid Rock plays and there is a huge POP from the fans. Images of Badd Dogg are shown over the big screen. Badd Dogg then appears from the smoke and holds his hands in the air as the fans POP again.)


TM: Former member of Ex3 with Revolution, Kurt Angle and Davie J. It's the first time we have seen Badd Dogg in the EIWF since his controversial defeat at the Final Stand PPV.

MM: Ex3….didn't really work did it…

TM: You could say it was a commitment issue, but you could say that about a lot of things that haven't worked for the EIWF since we returned.

MM: I know what you mean Timmy, unlike me and you not everyone is as committed to making the EIWF a success.


(Badd Dogg is in the ring and poses for the fans who POP.)


TM: As I said fans, one of the all time greats right there!

MM: Back in the day his feud with the CREW, with Hollywood Hogan, with Davie J….not only in the EIWF but also the ICW...those feuds were epic!

TM: They sure were Mark. Lets see how the star of tomorrow comes up against the star of yesterday!


(It’s Showtime by Southpaw Swagger plays and there are loud boo’s from the fans. The New Era Icons symbol is shown on the big screen followed by clips of Ellis Black and the word ‘Showtime’. Ellis walks out with the Genesis title and the fans boo loudly. He ignores the reception and heads straight to the ring)


TM: The Genesis champion and undefeated Ellis Black!

MM: He looks focused Timmy, and he needs to be! Badd Dogg is no easy match.

TM: There have been criticism in some quarters over the Prestige of the genesis title and who Ellis has defended the title too, what's your take on it Mark?

MM: Well that is why Ellis Black is taking on Badd Dogg and at a previous Evolution show he defeated Kurt Angle. That criticism mainly came from the Legends champion Davie J who has dismissed Ellis Black as being a real champion.

TM: Which title do you think is rated higher, the Genesis championship….or the Legends championship…..

MM: Hmmmm…….well…...I put them on equal footing. Ellis won the Genesis title in a tournament where as Davie was handed the Legends title. But that said, Davie has faced what was perceived as better opponents then Ellis. But respect to Ellis who is stepping up and taking on anyone. The only way to really decide is for the two of them to have a title versus title match if they are both still the champions at the end of the night.

TM: There has been talk from Revolution that he wants to see a match between the two.


(Ellis is in the ring standing face to face with Badd Dogg as the fans start a Badd Dogg chant.)


TM: Fans this one is about to get under way!


Badd Dogg vs Ellis Black - Genesis Title match


TM: The Ref calls for the bell (ding ding)......both men still standing face to face…...waiting for the other to make the first move…….Badd Dogg turns around and raises his hands to the fans (the fans cheer) he comes back Ellis slaps him in the face!....the two lock up……...Badd Dogg throws Ellis into the ropes…...Ellis comes back….badd Dogg goes for a punch but Ellis slides thru the legs of Badd Dogg!....Badd Dogg turns around, Ellis is on his feet...standing drop kick by Ellis sends Badd Dogg stumbling back onto the ropes…...Ellis runs at Badd Dogg….goes for a clothesline but Badd Dogg ducks and lifts Ellis over the top rope to the outside!....Ellis gets up….grabs the feet of Badd Dogg pulling him down to the mat and then under the bottom rope….the Ref walks over and starts to count….1……………...2……………..Ellis grabs Badd Dogg and throws him head first into the announcers table!

MM: HEY HEY! Watch it!

TM: Badd Dogg comes back with a hard right………….3………………..4…………..Badd Dogg grabs Ellis and throw shim under the bottom rope………….5…………..Badd Dogg slides back in the ring. Ellis stomps on Badd Dogg’s head as he slid in the ring…..Badd Dogg gets up….Ellis kicks him to the gut and hits him with a knee lift…..Ellis goes off the ropes from behind on Badd Dogg and hits a BullDog!!!.....Ellis covers for the pin….the Ref gets down and counts………..1…………..2…………….kick out by Badd Dogg!....Ellis gets up….drops an elbow...but Badd Dogg rolls out the way!!! Badd Dogg gets to his feet….Ellis gets up and Badd Dogg hits him with a clothesline sending him back down to the mat (the fans cheer)....Badd Dogg stops and acknowledges the fans (they POP).....Badd Dogg walks over to Ellis and pulls Ellis up…..Ellis grabs Badd Dogg and hits a Russian leg sweep…..Ellis quickly back on his feet….he grabs the foot of Badd Dogg…..Badd Dogg kicks Ellis in the face with his other foot and Ellis stumbles back….Badd Dogg gets to his feet…….Ellis runs at Badd Dogg….PowerSlam by Badd Dogg!!!!......Badd Dogg covers for the pin….the Ref gets into position and counts………..1………………..2……….kick out by Ellis!

MM: There is nothing between these two so far Timmy, Ellis is holding his own and Badd Dogg is showing us he’s still go it!

TM: Badd Dogg pulls Ellis up…..Badd Dogg locks up with Ellis…...Badd Dogg goes for a suplex but Ellis blocks it…..Ellis lifts Badd Dogg up….high in the air…...keeps him upright….and back down with a big Suplex!

MM: A true show of strength there by Showtime...Elis Black!

TM: Ellis has got up and walked to the corner….climbs to the top rope….flying elbow by Ellis and hits Badd Dogg hard………….Ellis covers and the Ref gets down and counts………...1…………….2………..kick out by Badd Dogg!.....Ellis gets to his feet….pulls Badd Dogg up and whips him into the corner….badd Dogg hits it hard….Ellis follows in with a clothesline……..

MM: For the first time in this match we have someone taking a clear advantage and that's Ellis Black!

TM: Ellis throws Badd Dogg into the ropes……….Badd Dogg comes back………...Ellis leap frogs and Badd Dogg goes under his legs….badd Dogg goes off the other ropes and comes back Thesz press followed by multiple punches by Ellis!!!! (fans start a ‘Lets go Badd Dogg chant).....Ellis pulls Badd Dogg up…..Small Package by Badd Dogg!!! (The fans cheer) The Ref counts 1………….2………...kick out by Ellis Black!! Both men get to there feet….hard right by Ellis Black!....Badd Dogg comes back with a hard right of his own…….

MM: Slobber knocker!!

TM: Badd Dogg hits Ellis again…..Ellis lifts his hand but Badd Dogg hits him again….Ellis stumbles back…….Badd Dogg runs at Ellis….Ellis bends down and grabs Badd Dogg and hits an inverted atomic drop…..Ellis follows it with a low dropkick….

MM: That looks like it hurt…..Badd Dogg holding his….his…..well….you know….

TM: Ellis circling around Badd Dogg here………Badd Dogg gets to his feet….Ellis grabs him from behind…..Reverse DDT!!!....Ellis covers….the Ref counts………….1…………….2………...kick out by Badd Dogg!!! Ellis is up and complaining of a slow count! He pulls Badd Dogg up while still arguing with the Ref…...Badd Dogg hits Ellis with an uppercut… stuns Ellis!.....Badd Dogg kicks Ellis to the gut….grabs his head…..

MM: Here it comes…..the DOG POUND….THE…...DOG…...POUND!!!!

TM:.....NO!.....Ellis blocks and grabs Badd Dogg's head…...BLACKOUT!!!! BLACKOUT!!!! BLACKOUT!!!!

MM: What a reversal by Ellis Black!!

TM: The Ref is checking on Badd Dogg……

MM: He’s fading Timmy! This could be it!

TM: The Ref checks…….Badd Dogg is nodding!! The Ref calls for the bell!!

MM: What an impressive win by Ellis ‘Showtime’ Black!!.

TM: Ellis still has the move applied and Badd Dogg has passed out! The Ref is telling Ellis to break it but he wont! (Fans boo)....The Reg has to physically break the hold and then lifts Ellis’ arm in the air!

MM: With each win like that Timmy, Ellis is adding prestige to the Genesis championship. The guys in the back, they have to take Ellis seriously. He’s a real threat!


(The scene cuts backstage with Revolution and the Prez watching a monitor)


Rev: That’s what I’m talking about! The passing of the torch, the old versus the new.

Prez: What a match!

Rev: See Ellis Black is the man to carry this company forward…..just needs to sort his attitude out, perhaps mature a bit.

Prez: You know, he reminds me of a younger you! He’s got all the talent. But you had a smarter head on at that age then he does.

Rev: I have to be honest, watching him…….it makes me think…...maybe…..just maybe…….I've got one more match left in me.

Prez: I've seen this look in your eye before…’s not worth the risk.

Rev: One more match so I can say goodbye to the fans as an in ring performer.

Prez: With the injuries you have had, you could end up in a wheelchair. Don't risk it.

Rev: I think I will be OK….

Prez: Look you have been a great champion, you won the WWO World title and the ICW World title……...the ICW was a top fed and you was its world champion.. You wore two of the biggest titles there has been, people still remember you fondly. Now if I take off my friend head and put my fan head on….I have to be honest…..I would love to see one more match from you….

Rev: Let's do it, lets get it done….

Prez: No…..we are not going to do it. We can't take that risk…..

Rev: I guess you're right…………….I have an idea talking about the ICW though.

Prez: I’m listening…..

Rev: How about an ICW reunion show?

Prez: I like it!

Rev: I know the IWA show was a big success.

Prez: It was, and the ICW was a much better and respected fed then the IWA.

(The door opens and Davie J walks in)

Rev: Talking of former ICW World champions!

DJ: Hey Revo, Prez? I didn't know you was going to be here?? (The Prez gives Davie a hug)...great to see you!

Prez: You too Franchise!

Rev: What are you doing here? You got your Legends title match with Wishmaster coming up.

Prez: What a dream match, Wishmaster versus Davie J. That's one for the ages!!

DJ: I wanted to see if you had any idea for me after tonight Revo?

Rev: First off, your gonna relax, take a break. Your not going to be gone, I want you backstage running things, helping out. You still have the Legends title and if you beat Wishmaster there will be more matches to come.

DJ: That's great news.

Rev: Just not as often. We got to be smart when to use you.

Prez: Your like a star attraction we can use here and there, bring in the fans when we need that little extra.

Rev: If you go out tonight and beat Wishmaster……….there's gotta be a match down the line for you and Ellis.

DJ: OK sounds good, I gotta go and get ready…..

Prez: You still doing that XWO stuff with him???

DJ: Kinda, come on dont be like that………

Prez: I told you, he won't ever work for me again.

DJ: (Davie sighs)....OK…..look I gotta go….will discuss it another time….


(Camera cuts back to the announcers)


TM: Before we talk about our main event let's allude to the Prez’s comments to Davie J, we can only assume that ‘him’ was a reference to Eddie D.

MM: I believe so Timmy, but there has been a big falling out with Eddie and the Prez relating to the Final Stand PPV main event when Eddie D walked out on the company.

TM: There is obviously resentment there, it all started when there were doubts cast, perhaps a loss of trust with Eddie D being the masked attacker….

MM: Woah woah woah…..WOAH! I don't believe it was confirmed that Eddie D was the attacker.

TM: Come on….it's obvious, since Eddie left the company how many times has the masked attacker been seen?

MM: Sorry Timmy, I’m not buying it. It was also suggested that Davie J set him up for people to think Eddie was the masked attacker, with the whole bag being found in Eddie’s room…...nah…...that was just a ruse to course a rift in the Good Guys……

TM: Well it carried over of course to the IWA reunion show but the two made peace and have gone on to work elsewhere together in the industry.

MM: Timmy…...I've said it before and I will say it again…..if it’s not the EIWF….its not worth shit!

TM: Now that I do agree with Mark. Next up is the dream match, the once in a lifetime chance…..five time EIWF World champion….the ICON…..Davie J versus…….the longest ever reigning EIWF World champion…...who held the title for over a year and never lost…...WIshmaster!

MM: But is this match going to happen Timmy?

TM: Well it's booked.

MM: Yes its booked but we haven't seen Wishmaster for months! He vanished in the middle of his feud with L double E, the battle of the wits…..he's been gone for something like nine months.

TM: Well Davie J said ‘book the match…...and he will come….’


(The arena lights go out leaving it in darkness, silence falls over the crowd. The word ‘ICON’ scrolls across the big screen to a huge POP from the fans. Then a close up image of half of Davie J’s face is shown to another loud reaction. Pyros go off on the entrance ramp as ‘The Best’ by Tina Turner starts to play and the fans cheer)


MM: What a choice of a new entrance theme for the ICON!

TM: Love him or hate him fans, he has been one of the best.

MM: One of? More like…’The’!!


(There is a huge POP from the fans as Davie J walks out from the entrance smoke. He stands with his back to the fans, arms out wide….more pyro’s go off as he turns round and points to the Legends title belt around his waist.)


MM: The champ is here Timmy!

TM: As we know, Wishmaster was the last ever EIWF World champion, a title he held from January 2002 until the feds closure in January 2003 and he was undefeated as World champion.

MM: Is that meant to be impressive Timmy?

TM: Well….it is impressive??

MM: OK…...playing it like that are we?

TM: Like what?

MM: I will take it from here…...Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages. For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home…...what you are watching now is one of the all time greats. He is the current Legends champion, never defeated for the title belt. You want to talk about holding championships for a year? Well the ICON has held that title belt for 13 months!!!

TM: Yeah…..apart from when he lost the belt to Hollywood and the Prez handed back.

MM: Sounds like your a Wishmaster mark to me!

TM: No I was simply stating the facts.

MM: Dont worry, your boy Wishy will be out here soon to get his ass kicked!


(Davie J is in the ring posing for the fans. He takes off the Legends title belt and points to a fan in the front row, he asks the fan to throw him something. The fan takes off his t-shirt and throws it into the ring to Davie J who catches it, and then puts it on to reveal a ‘Good Guys’ slogan t-shirt to a huge cheer from the fans.)


MM: Take it in fans!....Enjoy it!

TM: It truly is a spectacle! Look at the flashes on the fans cell phones going off…..what a sight!


(Davie J waits in the ring, The best stops playing and Evil Never Dies by Judas Priest plays and is almost instantly drowned out by boo’s from the fans. Davie stands in the middle of the ring looking at the entrance way with a big grin at the reaction)


MM: Look at the ICON! He’s loving the reaction from the fans for Wishmaster!

TM: He sure is, for whatever reason…..whatever side he's playing, either playing by the rules or breaking them….he always seems to get the fans on side.


(The music continues as images of Wishmaster are shown on the big screen)


TM: Well….he's taking his time… we know if he’s actually here?

MM: Well it's the biggest match of his career, he should be here….it's the match he's always craved…...if he doesnt turn up….well he's more of a coward then any of us ever thought!

TM: It looks like Davie J is asking for a mic……


(Davie J leans through the ropes and asks for a mic, he is handed one by a ring official. He walks to the centre of the ring and signals to cut the music…)


DJ: We all knew that the biggest fraud in the history of the EIWF, the man who couldn't get out of my shadow, a man who fell to his knees in tears trembling with fear when he looked at my legacy and his own…...that coward Wishmaster was never going to show up and face me tonight!  (fans boo)....I know I know. I apologize to you great fans on behalf of that failure Wishmaster, he couldn't live up to the standards I set back in the day and he couldn't live up to them now. Now these fans come to see me wipe the floor with Wishmaster tonight…(fans cheer)....seeing as he’s just a fake anyway, send anyone out here with one of those stupid Wishmaster masks on….I don't care who it is! (fans cheer)


MM: Ha ha, Timmy, you mentioned facts earlier….well Davie J has just given us the cold hard facts about Wishmaster!

TM: I wish he had been here, we all wanted to see the match.

MM: It's not gonna happen, however some poor schmuck is going to get a wake up call though, Davie J style!

TM: Who will it be?


(Evil Never Dies by Judas Priest plays again and someone walks out wearing a Wishmaster mask, the fans cheer at the appearance…..they then laugh as they clearly see it's not Wishmaster but get in on the act and boo as he makes his way to the ring)


TM: Who is it that? It's not Wishmaster, it's not tall enough….could be someone from the powerplant.

MM: Its…..its…...who is that? looks like Rick Rage?

TM: It does, Rick Rage who was promoted from the power plant….and then sent back there….

MM: Says it all doesn't it Timmy.


(The fake Wishmaster climbs through the ropes and holds his arms in the air, he brings them down and flames come out fromt he ring post and the fans boo)


Davie J vs Wishmaster - Legends title match

TM: Here we go fans, Davie J versus…...erm….(coughs) Wishmaster!.....Wishmaster walks forward….Davie grabs him and throws him into the ropes….Wishmaster comes back….Spear by Davie J!!!!! (fans cheer)....Davie gets up…….takes a few steps back…...Wishmaster gets up….turns around…..SUPERKICK!!!!!....

MM: Goodnight!

TM: Wishmaster is down!...........Davie pulls Wishmaster up…..Wishmaster stands there looking groggy…..Davie J runs at Wishmaster…..CODEBREAKER!!!!!.......(fans POP)......

MM: Hes giving the fans what they want….vintage Davie J!

TM:..........Davie gets down and covers for the pin…...the Ref gets into position and counts…………..1……………...2……..NO! Davie Lifts Wishmaster head!.......Davie gets to his feet and waves his finger to the fans…..

MM: He doesnt want to win it that way Timmy…..

TM: Davie grabs the feet of Wishmaster and puts his foot in the middle and crosses the legs (fans POP)....

MM: Here it comes Timmy, his own variation of the sharpshooter!

TM: Davie turns Wishmaster over…...ICON LEG LOCK!!!! ICON LEG LOCK!!! ICON LEG LOCK!!!!....the ref checks to see if Wishmaster submits….hes totally out and the Ref calls for the bell!!!!

(The Best by Tina Turner plays and the Ref passes the Legends title belt to Davie J. Davie climbs the turnbuckle and holds the belt up and the fans cheer)

MM: There you have it Timmy, for all these years people, not me but people wondered who would win out of Davie J and Wishmaster. Well now we know.

TM: Erm I’m not sure about that.

MM: Davie J one…..Wishmaster Zero! (Mark Madden stands up and applauds Davie who is in the ring posing)

TM: Will you sit down!

MM: Timmy, he deserves it, what an athlete, what a wrestler, what a legend!

TM: The future may not be certain for Davie J but he's played a massive role in the EIWF’s history and no one will be able to take that away.

MM: (sits down) Timmy, I just hope that Revolution is smart with how he uses Davie J, don't leave him behind the scenes to fade away. He's still got plenty to offer…

(Revolution walks out onto the entrance ramp and stands and applauds Davie J and the fans cheer again…..they start chanting we want more….we want more…)

MM: You hear that Timmy? The fans want more Davie J!

TM: I hear it Mark, the boss Revolution is out here applauding, showing his respect to Davie J…..the two have been friends for many years


(Revolution leaves the entrance and heads to the back. Davie J steps out of the ring and starts making his way down the aisle, slapping hands of fans and posing for photos)


MM: I think Revolution is a smart man and will use Davie J as a marquee attraction as he builds the fed for the new stars, those stars will benefit from Davie J still being involved.

TM: They certainly would, the experience he has and the knowledge of the EIWF makes him a real asset to the company and to Revolution.


(Scene cuts backstage. The Prez is getting ready to leave as Revolution walks into the room)

Prez: Hey I gotta go, but i'm entrusting you and your opinion regarding EIWF matters moving forward. You have my full support and 100% backing.

Rev: Thanks boss, means a lot to me.

Prez: Give things time, changes can’t happen overnight. Remember slow and steady is more secure then fast and out of control.

Rev: True…

Prez: Forget propaganda, its Hogan and the CREW trying to take control, forget what the polls says….keep working hard, believe in what your doing and the ratings will pick up.

Rev: Thanks for your backing.

Prez: Use Davie J’s experience as well, and also if you keep him on side it helps keep the wolves that is the CREW away from the door!

Rev: (Laughs)....I know what you mean.

Prez: Right, Im outta here…..

(The Prez leaves the room)

Rev: OK…..the way to make this place a success is to get rid of the old guard and the CREW. Time to get rid of one more………(Revolution picks up the EIWF World title belt)......let's give him the recognition and then he can be enhancement material moving forward!.....


(Revolution leaves the room and it cuts back to the announcers)


TM: Fans next up to finish the show off is a special award for the Anti-hero L double E.

MM: Who already has an award.

TM: You mean the Final Stand winner?

MM: Nope, the looney of the year award! The guy is a nutjob!

TM: As you may recall fans, L double E had been wearing the original EIWF World title belt and claiming to be the champion.

MM: Who knows what goes on in his warped mind.

TM: After defeating Wishmaster in the Final Stand tournament, L double E claimed to be champion as Wishmaster was the undefeated champion from 2003…….some 15 years earlier.

MM: Then he had a fluke win over Davie J in a non title match and the idiot claimed to be the Legends champion as well……….and the Genesis champion……...etc etc

TM: True, now Revolution managed to strike a deal with L double E. For him to stop claiming to be champions Revolution granted this special award presentation coming up.

MM: That's right, the freak wanted recognition for his lucky tournament win at Final Stand, now L double E isn't that smart because after tonight, he's gonna be buried in the mid card action just like most of his career.


(The strains of Love and War by Drowning Pool plays and the fans cheer. Revolution walks out holding the original EIWF World title belt. He stops and acknowledges the fans and waves, he then walks down the aisle towards the ring)


TM: Revolution making his way to the ring with the original EIWF World title belt.

MM: The big gold belt, isn't she lovely Timmy?

TM: One of the best looking belts in wrestling history held by the top stars in wrestling.

MM: Worn by the greats Timmy, Hogan, Davie J, Badd Dogg….

TM:......Super Fire Jr, Firestorm, The Rock, Wishmaster among others.


(Revolution steps through the ropes and stands in the corner as Steal my shine by Marz plays and the fans cheer. Images of L double E and his victory in the Final Stand tournament are shown. Anti Hero 6:11 is shown on the big screen followed by Victorious…….pyros go off around the entrance way and L double E steps out and places the Rage cardboard cutout next to him and raises his arms. He then picks up the cardboard cutout and walks towards the ring.)


TM: Here he is fans, the Anti Hero L double E and Rage. Throughout his career he was a dominant force in the EIWf, albeit in the mid card section with the TV title.

MM: Exactly Timmy, and now we are honouring him in the main event of a PPV?....What a joke!

TM: Although he spent much of his career at mid card level he returned for the EIWF reunion and upset the odds to win the Final Stand Tournament. He beat Jeff Jarrett, Wishmaster, Davie J AND Hollywood Hogan to win the tournament. Now that is impressive Mark, you cant deny that?

MM: Yeah…….I can deny it!

TM: Come on???? Anyone who beats those four wrestlers surely deserves some appreciation? That's all L double E is looking for, a bit of respect and appreciation for what he achieved.

MM: Regardless of who he beat…..he's not a big enough star to be a figure head of the EIWF or any wrestling company for that matter. Its L double E!!!!

TM: The fans have really got behind him since the reunion, are you saying all the fans, the thousand and thousand of fans are wrong?

MM: No, there not wrong. But there not cheering L double E, there cheering that stupid cardboard cut out of his old tag team partner from 20 years ago!


(L double E is in the ring, he poses for the fans who cheer…..he holds the Rage cardboard cutout in the air and the fans POP….Revolution is in the corner shaking his head. L double E signals to the entrance way and Rega walks out holding a bag. L double E walks up to Revolution and bends down to take a closer look at the EIWF World title belt. Regal takes a seat next to Mark Madden. The music stops and Revolution pulls a mic out and walks to the centre of the ring)


Rev: First off I want to thank all you fans here in attendance and watching at home (fans cheer). Tonight we are honouring a long time servant to the EIWF, the Anti Hero….L double E (Fans cheer)


MM: Did you hear that Timmy? Not even Revolution rates L double E!

TM: What are you on about? Hes out here about to give him an award.

MM: He said long time servant, if your praising someone he would have said all time great!


Rev: L double E, you played a big part in establishing the TV title in the EIWF help make the EIWF a success. You agreed to be part of the successful reunion and went on to win the EIWF’s Final Stand tournament. This EIWF World Title belt represents the EIWF’s prestigious past, success…..and was worn by the best in the EIWF. I am awarding the title belt to you to keep in recognition for your victory at Final Stand where you beat three former EIWF World champions to become victorious………


(Revolution hands the EIWF World title belt to L double E who looks emotional. Revolution takes a few steps back and applauds)


TM: Revolution has given the original EIWF World title belt to L double E to keep, as recognition for winning the EIWF Final Stand PPV tournament.

MM: Look at L double E, he’s welling up.

TM: It’s a prestigious title Mark, some greats in our sport have worn that belt.

MM: Yes….but L double E never did.


(L double E is handed a mic)


LEE: "In the tradition of Badd Dogg, in the tradition of the ICON Davie J, of Hollywood Hogan-- the man who will never die. As the real Peoples champion the Rock, upstairs tonight. From the Wishmasters, to the Super Fire Jr’s, to the Firestorms, I accept this winner’s recognition in the form of the original EIWF World title belt.. ... Wait a second, I'm the man who was out of his depth, Metyl. I'm the fat man himself, Rebel Enforcer. This is it tonight, Dad…….. God, that's beautiful. And Kurt Angle……….they can all kiss my ass."


(L double E throws the EIWF title belt on the floor. He is handed an item in a red cloth by Regal through the ropes)


MM: What????

TM: What the hell?


LEE: "I am not the man who accepts a torch to be handed down to me from an organization that died fifteen years ago. The Anti-Hero, L double E, is the man who ignites the new flame of the sport of professional wrestling."


(L double E slowly unwraps the cloth to reveal a brand new shiny championship belt.)


LEE: "Tonight, before God and my father as my witness, I declare myself, The Anti-Hero, as the new FTE Champion of the world! If the EIWF wants to hand out Legend titles and 15 year old world titles and not recognise me as its true champion after winning the Final Stand then I say Fuck the EIWF! I have set out to change the face of professional wrestling. So tonight, let the new era begin: the era of the sport of professional wrestling, the era of The Anti-Hero, the era of the Fuck The EIWF champion!."


(Revolution looks shocked as the fans cheer. They start an Anti-Hero Chant)


MM: Look at the face of Revolution…..he can't believe it!

TM: I'm shocked too Mark! I did not expect that from L double E!!

MM: These fans are loving it though Timmy!

TM: Where does the EIWF go from here? This was meant to be the beginning of a new era?

MM: Well the establishment has stood up. L double E, Hollywood Hogan…..there not going to just roll out the way, if the young guys want their spots, they need to earn them! Let me borrow a phrase from the great Davie J. Tonight has been a wake up call for Revolution.

TM: I think your right Mark, it seems that Revolution has a real battle on his hands.


(Revolution walks to L double E and they start arguing…..they start pushing each other and some ring officials and Regals get involved with a pull apart)


TM: Fans we are out of time….

MM: I didn't expect this Timmy….not at all……

TM: Nor did I Mark…..

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