Guilty As Charged

March 16th 2001

PPV Starts-

EIWFTRON- Footage plays from the March 9th Edition of Doomsday!

Voodoo Child hits as Hollywood Hogan walks out, and heads down to the ring....

TM- And Here is Hollywood!!

GARY- Suicide has walked into quite Possibly his last Match!!!!

TM- Hollywood heading to the ring, and WHAT?, Heres Slash, Slash nails Hogan from behind, and again, Hogan goes down, they are fighting down the aisle.....Suicide watches from the ring....Slash nails Hogan!!!

Backstage Metyl Attacks Davie J!

TM- Good God, Metyl & Davie going at it, backstage!!....they cant wait until Sunday!!!....Suicide standing in the ring, he dosent look Happy!!!!.....And what's this, Eddie D in the ring, pulls Suicide round, STUNNER!!....Oh God!, Suicide is down, Eddie exits the ring, Slash is there, Eddie nails Slash, Slash nails Eddie.....Eddie wants Slash's US Title, Hogan low blows Slash, Eddie STUNNER!!! On Slash........Good God!!....Fans we are out of time!!!

GARY- Eddie D has left two men down, and Guilty As Charged is just days away!!!

Footage ends!!!!

TM- hello Fans, We have made it, it is the night, where we will find out just who is Guilty As Charged, and that footage then, which is now one week old, was the last time we saw any of the EIWF Stars, and we thought the PPV would be going ahead on Monday as planned, but for whatever reasons, it was put back until tonight, we have all heard the rumours about it, some big deal, whatever it is, will we find out tonight, I just don't know, but a Man who might is My New Co- Commentator, Gary.A!

GARY- Hey Moss, we have made it, 5 days later than expected, but tonight it is Guilty As Charged, and the great thing is, that Doomsday follows this PPV!, What a Night we have ahead of us!

TM- it will definitely be a long night, we some great matches coming up on PPV!, but Gary, have you heard anything about this Deal?

GARY- I've tried Moss, but I haven't found anything, whether the Deal has been done, or what, I don't know anything, so if things develop tonight, I guess we'll find out!

TM- well we have Mean Gene and Michael Cole in the Backstage area, and they are telling me, that the Prez is not here as of yet, but we dont even know if he is coming!

GARY- Well the Bossman is facing Justin Sane tonight, whether the Prez wants to be here for that, I don't know, but early this week, we saw Raven walk out of the EIWF, before he had even had a Match, and I don't think the Prez was happy with that!

TM- well Raven was set to face the Rock tonight, but now the Rock faces a Mystery Opponent, and there have been numerous rumours about who that is!

GARY- I've heard names from Steven Regal, to The Prez himself facing the Rock tonight!!, I guess that's just and wait and see match!.

TM- well that match we may not know the full details about, but Davie J defending the World Title against Metyl, in the EIWF's first ever IronMan Match, is gonna be worth the admission fee alone!

GARY- Like Davie J, said this week, the Teacher and Student situation here, can Metyl step up to the plate tonight, and go 60 minutes with the ICON, and walk away the World Champ, this has all the attributes of a classic Match!!!

TM- it certainly does, and lets not forget the other CREW Members in action tonight, Hollywood Hogan faces Slash, and Eddie D meets Suicide!!!

GARY- Hollywood/Slash should be interesting, and we haven't really seen Suicide in action yet, so that again could be a suprise!!

TM- Also tonight Fans, revolution's rematch with Kurt Angle, and the winner of that will be the Number One Contender for the World Title!!

GARY- great opportunity there, for both men, and Moss, remember we got that Battle Royle as well!!!

TM- all that tonight, and were promised the Return of an EIWF Superstar!!

GARY- now that could be anyone, Badd Dogg, X-Factor, Karnage, so many people have come and gone here!, you cant guess that!!!

TM- We'll we have heard rumours of a New CREW Member, so maybe something could happen there, possibly tonight!!

GARY- don't speculate Moss, this is an EIWF PPV, don't trust anyone, Cos I don't Trust you!

TM- well I think were about ready to get going!!!

EIWFTRON- Backstage Mean Gene is with Justin Sane-

GENE- I am here with Justin Sane, who debuted at Evil Intentions, and embarrasses the Bossman on PPV, and now one month on, you face the Bossman at Guilty As Charged!

SANE- So let me get this straight Gene, tonight is Guilty as Charged, and I got a match with Bossman for the Hardcore Title, well gene thats all nice, thats great, but you see out there Bossman!!, there's 20,000 fans, who came to be entertained, a Hardcore match, we can do anyday, but this is PPV!

GENE- what are you saying?

SANE- Im saying, im on the Big Screen now, and the top of the screen is some 25ft up, well tonight I want to throw your fucking ass off the top of it. How about Bossman? Its called a Heaven Deathmatch. What is that you say??? Well above the Big Screen, they'll be a platform & below it, barbed-wire & c4 explosives. So Come on Bossman if your so Hardcore you'll except my match. I didn't just come to do your Hardcore Pillow fights!!!. I'm to Xtreme for that!! So don't Mess with this fucking kills.

Justin Sane walks off!!

GENE- well tonight's Hardcore Title Match, just went to a new Level, I think!!

TM- a Heavens Deathmatch, I don't think the Bossman will like that!

GARY- I told you all about Justin when we turned up at Evil Intentions, and now he's coming into his own, and like I said back then, he may be Sane by name, but he's Insane by Nature!!!!

Suicide Theme plays as Suicide walks out, and heads to the ring......

TM- well here we go, our first match about to get underway, Suicide meets the CREW's Eddie D!!, and this is really Suicides Debut Match!

GARY- and what a way to start, against Eddie D, a former Tag & TV Champ, and real Pro of the Game!!

Crush'em plays as Eddie D heads out, and down to the ring.

TM- and here he comes, still with his sights set on the US Title, but tonight, must put that to the side, and concentrate on Suicide!!1



TM- And were gonna kick things off here at Guilty As Charged, with two big men!!!

GARY- well Suicide may be big, but he is quite agile, and does some high flying moves, when he gets the chance!

TM- and I think we all know the capabilities of Eddie D!, and the two lock up, Eddie sends Suicide to the ropes, suicide ducks the clothsline, Eddie turns round, Suicide dropkicks Eddie, Eddie stumbles back, Suicide clotheslines him to the outside....Eddie lands on his feet, and walks round the outside, Eddie didn't like that, as Suicide waits in the ring....Eddie re-enters, the two lock up again, Eddie knees suicide to the gut, and again, sends him to the ropes, nails him with a right hand, suicide stumbles back, Eddie grabs him, knee to the gut, right hand, knocks suicide to the corner, right hand, and again, sends him to the opposite corner, Eddie follows in, going for a splash, Suicide moves, Eddie stumbles back, Suicide hits a Back suplex on Eddie......Eddie rolls to the outside, Suicide is back up.....Eddie shakes himself down, re-enters the ring, the two lock up again, Suicide goes to send Eddie to the ropes, Eddie blocks, nails Suicide, and again, hip tosses him over, Suicide is back up, Eddie kicks him to the gut, grabs him, Belly to Back Suplex.....Suicide is down, Eddie pulls him up, right hand, and again, sends him to the ropes, clothslines him down, Misses an elbow, Suicide is back up, Eddie misses a right hand, Suicide nails him, and again...


GARY- Eddie reeling, Suicide still finding his feet, sends Eddie to the ropes, Eddie ducks the clothesline, Suicide turns round, Eddie nails him, and again, slams Suicide down, stomps on him, suicide is back up, Eddie nails him, and again, knocks him to the corner, right hand, and again, Suicide goes down, Eddie pulls him up, pulls him to the middle of the ring, right hand, and again, sends him to the ropes, Suicide ducks the Boot, Eddie turns round, Suicide nails him, FaceBuster!!...Eddie goes down, Suicide pulls him up, right hand, and again, Suplexs Eddie over, Eddie is back up, Suicide kicks him to the gut, DDT!!....Eddie is down, Suicide covers, first opportunity here...................1..................2............Eddie Kicks out with authority, Suicide pulls him up, right hand, and again, Eddie elbows him to the gut, Sidesuplex, Suicide is down, Eddie re-groups, pulls Suicide up, right hand, and again, sends Suicide to the ropes, Powerslams him over, covers, Eddie could have it here......................1.......................2........Suicide kicks, Eddie pulls him, carries on the attack, kick to the gut, and again, sends Suicide to the corner, follows in with a splash, Suicide stumbles forward, Eddie grabs him, Overhead suplex.....Suicide is down, and Eddie is now in full control!!!!


TM- Maybe Suicides in-experience showing through now, Eddie pulls him up, right hand, and again, sends him to the ropes, Suicide ducks the right hand, Eddie spins round, Suicide catches him with a spinning heel kick, Eddie goes down, and rolls to the outside, Suicide is up in the ring, exits after Eddie, nails him from behind, and again, Eddie elbows Suicide, followed by a Low Blow, Eddie rolls Suicide back into the ring, Eddie follows, Suicide is down, Eddie pulls him up, slams him down, drops an elbow, and again, covers.......................1........................2...........Suicide kicks, Eddie pulls him up, right hand, and again, sends him to the ropes, Suicide ducks the clothsline, Eddie turns round, catches Suicide with a kick to the gut, grabs him, Full Nelson, Down into a Powerbomb......Suicide is down, Eddie off the ropes, Big Splash, that could be it, classic Eddie D now, covers.........................1.........................2............Oh, Suicide still had enough left to kick out, Eddie pulls him up, kick to the gut, Goes for the Stunner, Suicide blocks, kicks Eddie to the gut, Oh, Reverse DDT by Suicide, Eddie is down, Suicide covers, Eddie in trouble now....................1........................2...............Eddie Kicks!!!

GARY- both men have now come close to winning, and one mistake now, could lead to the end for the other, Suicide pulls Eddie up, right hand, and again, kicks Eddie to the gut, Suicide off the ropes, Decapitator, Eddie is down, Suicides Variation on the famouser there, Eddie is down, Suicide only needs to cover, but Suicide is heading up top.....he wants to finish in style, ....Going for the Suicide Drop, Which is a Swanton into a legdrop......Goes for it, Eddie moves, Suicide hits down hard, that could have spelt the end for suicide, wasting too much time, and you cant do that with people like Eddie D, Eddie is up, pulls Suicide up, kick to the gut, Goes for the Stunner, Suicide blocks, Grabs Eddie, Applies a Dragon Sleeper.....Eddie in trouble, Suicide has it on properly, Eddie tries for the ropes, cant reach, tells the ref he wants to carry on, Suicide only needs to hold on, Eddie cant hang on much longer, but saying that, Eddie is edging towards the ropes, Suicide could blow it.....Eddie grabs the ropes, the hold is broke by he Ref, Suicide is up, Eddie low blows him, Eddie is up, grabs Him.,......Pump handle Slam......Suicide is back up, he's all over the place....Eddie goes for a kick to the gut, Suicide grabs his leg, Low Blow, Eddie drops down, Suicide grabs him, S-BOMB!!!....Suicide covers, Uses the ropes for the leverage...................1.......................2......................3..

RESULT- Suicide wins by Pinfall-

TM- The Ref didn't see that Suicide used the ropes, but what a great Match, and a good first outing for Suicide, even though he did use less than legal means to get that pin fall, and The Ref raises Suicides hands, The Crowd reacting mixed there, I think like Us, they enjoyed the match, it was back and forth, but I think they feel cheated by the way it ended....Suicide climbs a turnbuckle...and Eddie is back up, nails Suicide to the back, and again, Suicide gets down, Eddie nails him, and again, goes to send him to the opposite corner, Suicide Blocks, Eddie kicks him to the gut, And STUNNER!!!...STUNNER!!!...Suicide hits the deck........Eddie stands over him, before leaving, Crush'em plays...…

GARY- Eddie don't look happy, and when he watches the tape back, and see's Suicide used the ropes for leverage, Eddie will be even more Pissed, and you gotta love a Mad, Bad Eddie D!!!..cos I know I do!!!!

EIWFTRON- Mean Gene is with Lance Storm-

GENE- well I am joined by lance Storm, who will participate in the Battle royle tonight, how are you feeling?

STORM- I'd like to be serious!. Gene!, and all you American's had better listen to Lord Steven Regal. Lord Regal promised a new talent to the EIWF, a new member of the Anglo-Canadian Alliance, a new non-yank star. Take Lord Regal seriously, when The Ringmaster says something he means it!!.

GENE- but what about the Battle Royle?

STORM- Gene, tonight I'll be closely watching the Hardcore Title Match, cos these 2 yanks are clearly 2nd rate, its not my fault!. I am that damn good, well, so show some respect America!. I want that Hardcore Title. I am that damn good, and no one can prove me wrong, so whoever leaves the Champ tonight, accept my challenge and I will show you just what Technical Wrestling with added Hardcore is!.

GENE- and the Battle Royle?

STORM-You see America, you can't stop the Anglo-Canadian Alliance, we're taking the TV, Hardcore and Tag-Titles and giving them back the respect that they should be shown. You'll see America, The Anglo-Canadian Alliance is Best!. I'd rather be Mexican than American, well Im Canadian so you all can kiss my ass!. Good-Night America, show me some respect!!. So Don't Blame Us...Blame Yourselves. When we take over..

Lance Storm walks off...

GENE- well there you have it fans, But I can promise you, Lance Storm is in the Battle Royle tonight, even if he doesn't care to mention it!!!


TM- well that Battle Royle taking place tonight, its the EIWF's way to show some of its New talent, and to give them a chance to show Us, what they have to offer!

GARY- a lot of new Talent in it, including Dark Angel, Dynamite Darren, Spike, Hunty Boy, The maniac, plus some regular EIWF guys like Lance Storm, it should be Fun!!!

TM- while we're waiting for the next match, I was on the Internet last night, and there's always a lot of Gossip surrounding the EIWF, but something that caught my eye, was a Possible return of The Ministry, Them being, of Course, the Undertaker, Edge, Christian, and Hell!!!

GARY- well we haven't seem them on EIWF TV, for quite sometime, but some Internet rumours do happen, and some don't, and me personally, have not heard anything about that!

TM- well we have to speculate, and the Ministry, were a force before, and could be again...

Olympic Dreams plays as Kurt Angle walks out, and heads to the ring.....

TM- and here is the Gold Medallist from the 96 games, Kurt Angle, ready to meet Revolution, after their first encounter at Evil Intentions, didn't really resolve anything!

GARY- and tonight, with the Number one contendership being on the line for the world Title, things are gonna be even more heated, and tonight it aint stupid Olympic rules!!!

Disposable Teens hits as Revolution walks out, he is followed by Chloe....he is wearing the WWO World Title.....

TM- Well Revolution, showing his Gold off too....

GARY- I'm intrigued by this WWO!

TM- don't be, I was given a Tape of their Friday show, entitled Fury, and all I can say is, Nick Schiavone aint a patch on me!!!!

GARY- Well I'm still gonna look into it!

REVOLUTION vs KURT ANGLE- No 1 Contender for the World Title-

TM- Revolution enters the ring, Angle waits, the 2 pace the ring.....Rev and angle lock up, Rev pushes Angle to the corner, knee to the gut, and again, they are still locked up, angle pushed rev out, they break up, Angle misses a right hand, rev nails him, and again, knocks angle down, angle is back up, rev kicks him to the gut, sends him to the ropes, elbows him down, Angle is back up, rev nails him, Angle goes down, and rolls to the outside, the crowd Boo Angle, Rev waits in the ring, rev looks confident, that he's leaving here with a shot at the world Title, Angle re-enters, they lock up, angle elbows rev, and again, sends rev to the ropes, dropkicks rev down, rev is back up, Angle nails him, and again, sends Rev to the ropes, clotheslines him down, rev is back up, Angle kicks him to the gut, Gut wrench suplex.....Rev rolls to the outside, Chloe is there.....Angle calls him back in, Rev re-enters, the two lock up again, rev knees angle to the gut, and again, Rev nails him, and again, knocks angle to the corner, right hand, and again, Angle goes down, rev stomps on him, Rev pulls him up, sends him to the opposite corner, Angle hits hard, and stumbles out, rev clotheslines him down.....Clothesline with authority there, nearly decapitated angle with that, Rev pulls Angle up, right hand, and again, kick to the gut, BackBreaker......Rev covers, going for an early win...................1..............Angle Kicks with some ease, Rev pulls him up, right hand, and again, sends Angle to the ropes, Angle ducks the elbow, rev turns round, Angle nails him, and again, Fireman's Carry into a Slam.....Rev rolls to the outside, as Angle looks pleased with himself, good move by Angle there.....


GARY- Revolution taking his time, climbs back onto the apron, tells Angle to back off...Rev is in control, he aint being rushed by Angle, rev re-enters, the two lock up, they go to a corner, rev knees angle to the gut, and again, they break the hold, Rev nails Angle, and again, Angle goes down, Rev stomps him, Angle rolls to the outside, Rev still on his case, follows him out, that's it, go at him, don't let him re-group, rev nails him, and again, slams Angle's head against the Barrior, Angle goes down, rev stomps on him, Revolution is total control, this is Revolutions Play Area, not some Olympic Rules match, with stupid wrestling holds, revolution is into Pain, and that only way to do that is with Punches and Kicks!....Rev pulls Angle up, right hand, and again, sends Angle into the barrior back first, Angle is down, holding his back, rev pulls him up, right hand, and again, Slams Angle down on the Outside.....Rev slaps hands with some fans, before pulling Angle up again, rev nails him, and again, Rev goes to send Angle into the Steel Steps, Angle blocks, rev clotheslines him down instead, great counter move by Rev there, Angle is back down, revolution pulls him up, and drags him round to us, that's it, plant Angles Ass, right through our Table, rev nails Angle, and again, Pulls him down for a Piledriver....this could be it, a Piledriver on the Outside, Angle fights it, And Back Body Drop on revolution......Rev is back up, Angle kicks him to the gut, Suplexs Rev over......And again, rev comes down hard on his back on the outside, and here comes Chloe, Angle tells her to get out the way.......She's causing a distraction, Rev low blows Angle, Angle drops down, rev is back up, knees Angle to the gut, and again, sends him headfirst into the steps, Angle is down, Rev pulls angle up, and slides him into the ring.....rev re-enters, covers Angle......................1......................2...........Angle Kicks....rev pulls him, right hand, and again, sends Angle to the ropes, Angle ducks the clothesline, Rev turns round, catches Angle with a high Knee, Angle is down back down, rev drops an elbow, and again, pulls Angle up, right hand, and again, sends Angle to the corner, rev follows in, Angle moves, rev stumbles back, Angle grabs him.....backsuplex......rev is down, Angle is down, the ref counts both men down.....

TM- Angle brought himself some time with that move, and Angle is on his feet at 6...pulls rev up, Angle nails him with a right hand, and again, Double underhook suplex, rev is down, Angle drops an elbow, and again, covers, could have it here..............1.....................2.............Rev Kicks, Angle pulls him up, right hand, and again, Belly to Back suplex, rev is back up, Angle kicks him to the gut, Belly to Back suplex again....Rev is down, Angle pulls him up, right hand, and again.....Gutwrench Suplex.....Rev rolls to the outside, Chloe is there to tend to him, some awesome suplexs there by Angle, rev is up on the outside, climbs up onto the apron, Angle locks up with him, Rev tries to suplex him to the outside, Angle fights it, tries to suplex rev in, Angle lifts Rev up, Chloe sweeps Angle's legs, Angle crashes down, and rev comes down on top of him, covers, rev might have it here, I think that took the wind out of Angle................1.......................2..............Angle Kicks, Both men are up, rev nails Angle, and again.....sends him to the ropes, Angle ducks the Elbow, Rev turns round, Angle takes him down with a flying clothsline......Angle pulls Rev up, right hand, and again, sends Rev to the ropes, rev ducks the right hand, Angle turns round, rev kicks Angle to the gut, FaceBuster, Angle is down, Rev covers................1.................2............Angle Kicks, Both men are up, Rev nails Angle, and again....Piledriver, Angle is down, rev off the ropes, drops a knee, covers....................1.....................2........Angle Kicks, rev back in control now....rev pulls Angle up, right hand, and again, Goes for the RDD, Angle blocks, elbows Rev, and again, goes for the Olympic Slam, Rev blocks, elbows Angles, sends him to the ropes, Angle ducks the right hand, rev turns round, Angle kicks him to the gut, goes for the Olympic Slam, Rev blocks again, kicks Angle to the gut, Goes for the RDD, Angle blocks, Low blows Rev, OLYMPIC SLAM!!!.....Thats it, Angle covers.....

GARY- Rev is Not Moving.................1....................2.................Chloe pulls Angle off, Angle is up, Chloe is up on the apron, The Ref steps between them, Rev is back up, Knee's Angle to the back, the Ref goes down, and Chloe gets knocked off the apron, Rev grabs Angle,.....RDD!!, Rev's finisher, and its all over, we got a Number One contender........Come On Ref!!, rev covers Angle, and the Ref is laying about, rev is up, pulls The ref up, rev covers Again.................1.....................2...............Angle Kicks, now that's not right, Rev is up complains to the ref....Come on ref, Rev had him beat, Angle is up, nails rev to the back, Olympic Slam, 2nd one, Angle covers, and the ref counts..................1.....................2.....................3...

RESULT- Kurt Angle wins by Pinfall-

TM- Angle is the Number One Contender for the world Title!

GARY- Angle celebrating like he's won something, he knows Revolution had him beat, Angle waving his arms like everyone loves him, Rev is back up, clotheslines Angle down from behind, Rev pulls Angle up, right hand, and again, Angle goes down, and rolls to the outside, Disposable Teens hits as Revolution stares down Angle....

EIWFTRON- Mean Gene is with Steven Regal!

GENE- Mr Regal, who don't have a match here tonight, so why are you here at Guilty As Charged?

REGAL- Hello Gene! your EIWF World Heavyweight Television Champion is here to answer the calls of his fans to give you all some words of wisdom. My first word of wisdom is to ignore the trash talk of ignorant, trailer park scum, no talent Yanks like Revolution, Kurt Angle, the List Goes on!

GENE- So why are you here?

REGAL- You See Gene, everyone has flocked to the arena to here me speak, everyone has come to see the Rating War Winner, The Ring Master, The British And The Best, Lord Steven Regal! They will consistently flock to see their champion, I am the superstar you love to hate, I am the Real people's champion.

GENE- so people aren't here tonight to see Davie J against Metyl, they are in fact here to see an interview with you?

REGAL- Exactly, the People recognise Class, and Gene, I Ooze Class, and I don't need to be in action, to entertain, I can entertain just by talking!!!!, and like Lance Storm said earlier, the Anglo-Canadian Alliance is stronger than ever, and just to bring it to your attention, we have more Gold than that Brutish CREW!!

GENE- your comparing yourselves with the CREW?

REGAL- Of Course not, we are much more Civilised than that, we don't need to resort to beatings with baseball bats, we use our pure wrestling ability, so show us the Respect we deserve!

Steven Regal walks off....

TM- well as the Platform is being prepared at the side of the stage, cos up next is the Hardcore Title Match, the First Ever Heavens Deathmatch in the EIWF!!!

GARY- and Tim, Justin is gonna walk away with that Hardcore belt!

TM- I have never seen a match like this in the EIWF Before, and we probably wont again!

GARY- that Platform is 25ft up Moss, it was 20ft long, and has a 10ft Depth, and beneath it is c4 explosives, and Barbwire, it aint Pretty!!

TM- It doesn't look Pretty!!!!

Snap Your Fingers, Snap your Neck hits as Justin Sane walks out, and heads to the side of the stage, and climbs up the ladder to the platform!!!

TM- Justin looks quite at home, climbing up that ladder!

GARY- He is Hardcore, he is the King of it, in my book!


Serving Hardtime plays as the Bossman walks out, with the Hardcore Title over his shoulder!

TM- Bossman looking up at the structure, he don't look happy!

GARY- come on!! Get up there, and get beat!!!


BOSSMAN vs JUSTIN SANE- Heavens Death Hardcore Title Match-

TM- Bossman still standing down the on the floor, Justin standing up on the platform.....Bossman looks at the trolley of weapons, that's where he is at home, Bossman pulls a Kendo stick out of the trolley, chucks it up to Justin, Justin catches it, and drops it on the platform....Bossman chucks up a chair.....Bossman is chucking the weapons up there.....Bossman drops the Hardcore Title, and starts to climb the Ladder!! we go....Bossman heading up to that platform, some 25ft up...…

GARY- Moss, step aside, only I am qualified to commentate for Justin Sane, Justin waiting patiently, Bossman is at the top....The Ref is down the Bottom waiting......Bossman and Justin ready togo at it, Bossman goes for a right hand, Justin nails him, and again, Bossman reels back, Kick of Insanity......Bossman goes down, Justin stomps on him, pulls Bossman up, right hand, and again, goes to send him off the edge, Bossman blocks, clotheslines Justin down....come on Justin, Bossman grabs the Kendo Stick, nails Justin, and again, Justin goes down, Bossman breaks the Stick over Justin's head, Bossman is in his element at the moment!. I think he's forgotten his 25ft up......Justin back up, Bossman nails him, and again, locks up, Justin elbows him, and again...Plain Insanity!

TM- Nice German suplex by Sane, Bossman is down, Justin is up, pulls Bossman up, right hand, and again, goes for the InsaneBomb, Bossman blocks, uppercuts Sane, and again, Bossman pulls out his nightstick, nails Sane to the gut, and again, Sane goes down......Bossman in control....Pulls Justin up, Justin elbows him, Bossman drops the Nightstick, Justin grabs Bossman, Slider DDT!, Bossman is down, Justin kicks the Nightstick off the side.....Justin pulls Bossman up, drags him to the Edge, Bossman elbows Justin, and again, gutpunch, and again, slams Justin down, Bossman grabs the chair, nails Sane to the back, and again, Sane is back on his feet, Bossman nails Sane round the head!!!

GARY- Sane teetering on the edge.....One more chair shot, and Sane is gone, Bossman goes again, Sane ducks the chair shot....kicks Bossman to the gut, The chair is dropped, Insane Bomb, onto the chair, Bossman is in trouble, Sane is up, and in charge again, kicks the chair off the side.....its back to One on One, no weapons, and now the advantage is definitely with Sane, he pulls Bossman up, right hand, and again, goes to send Bossman off the Edge, Bossman reverses, clotheslines Sane down, Bossman sits him up, Neck snap from behind....Bossman pulls Sane up, right hand, and again, goes for the Sidewalk Slam, Sane blocks, kicks Bossman to the gut, come on Justin...nails Bossman, and again, Bossman stumbles back, Sane goes for a clothesline, Bossman ducks, grabs Sane, Sidewalk Slam.....Sane is down, and that whole platform shook.......Bossman buried Sane into that wooden platform....

TM- That platform was not built for moves like that, Bossman pulls Sane up, and Sane looks out of it, Bossman drags Sane to the Edge, this could be it, Bossman nails Sane, Sane nails Bossman back, Sane still got some fight in him....kicks Bossman to the gut, and again, Bossman stumbles back, Sane nails him, Sane with the Insane Blaster......a Variation on the Tornado DDT!, And OH GOD!...when Bossman's head drive into the platform, the Platform has nearly split in half.......Justin is up, nearly loses his balance, as the platform now swinging freely, Bossman is down and out, Justin pulls him up, Bossman low blows Justin, Justin drops down, Bossman rolls off the Platform, and starts to climb down the ladder......Bossman has had enough, and I dont blame him.......Justin heads down the ladder as well, stomps Bossman, and again, Bossman hanging off the ladder, some 15ft up, and its swinging over the C4 & Barbwire, Justin stomps on Bossman's hand, and again.......OH GOD!>..Bossman falls, crashes down missing the C4, but lands in some barbwire.....Oh!....That is Sick, Justin hanging from ladder,.......OH MY GOD!...INSANE CORKSCREW!....Direct hit on Bossman!!!!

GARY- that was the sweetest Move I have seen, a Corkscrew Moonsault, from a ladder, some 15ft up, and a Direct hit on Bossman, Sane covers..................1.......................2......................Bossman Kicks, How the Hell did he kick out, Justin is back up, pulls Bossman up, as he does this, the Barbwire pings out of Bossmans Back, Justin kicks him to the gut, Justin is bleeding, he must have caught himself on the barbwire, and I expect Bossman is bleeding under his clothing, Justin looking to finish it, Bossman spits in Justins Face, Dirty Move...Sane wipes his face, Bossman uppercuts him, and again, Justin stumbles back, trips on Barbwire,and goes down......its wrapped around his leg, Bossman pulls him up, ripping the wire from Justins leg as he does so, this is a Battle now, Both men running on empty...Bossman nails Sane, and again, Goes for a 3rd right hand, Sane ducks, Justin running on instincts now...kicks Bossman to the gut..........Northern Lights Driver....BAM!...On C4 explosive as well.....The Icing on the cake......Sane covers...................1......................2.....................3..

RESULT- Justin Sane wins by Pinfall, and New Hardcore Champion-

GARY- YES! Oh YES!.....New Hardcore Champ, this is the start of the Insane Reign!!!!

TM- Sane on his feet, and stumbles to safety, he is handed the Hardcore Belt, and Bossman blood covering his face, and once again, took it to the Limit, and Justin Sane will have along way to go to be a better Hardcore champ that the Bossman!!!!

GARY- Great Match, with the Finish we all knew....Justin Sane stepping into the limelight, and taking it, the New Hardcore champ, and this is only the start, Lance Storm, you want this guy...well come on then!!!!

EIWFTRON- Backstage Michael Cole is with Slash!

COLE- later on tonight at Guilty As Charged, Hollywood Hogan from the CREW will face this Man!

Slash pushes Michael Cole to the side!

SLASH- The "Immortal" Hulk Hogan, we'll see just how immortal you really are when we meet tonight. I will take you on a ride you will never forget. I'm going to take to hell and back. I will take revenge on what you did to Big Poppa. 'Cause Hogan you may be a former World Champ you may be a former US champ, but you know I don't frankly care. Right now my mind is set on kicking your sorry ass. I will beat you into a bloody pulp. I'm going to put you in the hospital and I'm going to make sure that's where you spend the rest of your career. Whatever is left of it.

Michael Cole steps back in,...

COLE- So you Believe your gonna End Hogan's Career tonight!!!

Slash pushes Cole aside again!!!

SLASH- Hogan I will retire your ass tonight, cause you have been here way too long, its time for you to step off and let the new blood take over. And the Metal Militia are the new blood and it will be our night. The Night I get rid of Hollywood Hogan. Hogan you out of all people should realize that your 100 year old ass is too old to take my US tittle. No one here in the EIWF is good enough to take away my US tittle. I'm the greatest US champ and I was the greatest TV champ. And in the future I will hold every belt in this company. But right now Hogan your my #1 objective. I hope you know that pay backs are a bitch, and I am going to make you my personal bitch, I'm going to make you beg for mercy, the mercy your not going to get. Hogan your days are numbered, nothing will stop me from tearing you a part, not you, not the CREW, not ANYBODY!! Hogan you will take a psycho walk inside my world, I'm going to make sure GAC is going to be a night you wont forget any time soon. You will walk inside my nightmare....tomorrow at GAC...Hollywood Hogan, I WILL BE YOUR PAIN, YOUR HATE, I promise you that I will be YOUR WORST FUCKING NIGHTMARE!! Guilty As Charged you WILL.....ENTER...THE...VOID!!!!

Slash walks off....Cole steps back in shot...

COLE- well if your watching Hollywood, Slash wants Revenge, and he wants you!!!

TM- Thank you Michael, that match coming up later, and lets not forget Metyl against Davie J, in an Ironman Match, for the world Title, Gary, Im getting excited!!!

GARY- Tim, your getting excited, I'm already excited, we've seen Eddie D & Suicide go at it, we've seen Revolution and Kurt Angle go all the way in a Great Match, and we've seen my boy, Justin Sane, take the Hardcore Title!!!

TM- I know, but when you talk about names like Hogan, Metyl, Davie J & Slash, the blood begins pumping that bit faster!!!

GARY- I know these guys can deliver, and that's why their the Main Event, but the guys we have already seen, are the Future of the EIWF!!!

TM- well fans, don't go anywhere, cos coming up in just a moment, the Rock will meet....well we don't know!

EIWFTRON- Backstage Mean Gene is with Spike & the Kat!!!

GENE- Tonight, this Man will feature in the Battle Royle, he is one of the Newest recruits to join the EIWF!!!, and they seem to be more Dark & Gothic than our usual employee's!!!

Spike grabs the Mic off Mean Gene

SPIKE- Well, as you all know I am new here and me and the vampire princess are intending on staying for good. I see that I have been put in the battle royle and I can't wait to rip open the throats of all of my opponents and have a celebrational drink when I am done with the match because I have to say I, and I mean I, will be the last one in the ring to claim victory over the rest of the unsettled souls, cos tonight All Your souls will be Mine..

Spike walks off with Kat!!!

TM- what a Sick Man, he appears to be!!!

GARY- he may be sick, but if he wins the Battle Royle tonight, he'll be a winner!!!

Know Your Role hits as The Rock walks out, and heads down to the ring......

TM- and here we go, and a lot of mystery surrounding this match!

GARY- Rock was meant to face Raven, but after Raven walked out, the Prez said a Mystery opponent would face the Rock, and now we're just moments away from finding out who it is!!!

TM- and the Rock has asked for a Mic!!.

ROCK- Finally The Rock has come to Guilty As Charged, and the Rock knows he was meant to face Raven, but it doesn't matter to the Rock who he faces, cos when the bell rings, it will be The Rock laying the Smackdown on who's ever candy Ass it is!!!, so whoever the Prez has put me up against, whether its some old star, like Badd Dogg, X-Factor, Karnage, The Undertaker, the Rock says Bring It, Just bring It!!!!

TM- The Rock wants to get it underway!

GARY- the Rock mentioned a lot of Big names then!!!

ROCK- The Rock is giving your Monkey Ass, a count of 10, to get out here, and face the Great One.........1............................2

TM- The Rock counting down!!!


GARY- the Crowd joining in.



God Save the Queen plays.....

TM- The Rock stops counting, and is that the English National Anthem!

GARY- It is the English National anthem!....and look its the Chris Adams!!!

TM- the True English Gentlemen!!!, and look at the Rock's face, he cant believe it!

GARY- The Rock is in shock, and so are these fans, the last time I saw this guy, he was jobbing in the WCW!!!


TM- well the bell has rung, this match is gonna happen, and the Rock is still shaking his head, he thinks someone is having a joke!!!....Adams takes his jacket off, and warms up, the Rock leaning in the other corner, thinks he's got a walk in the park tonight, The Ref tells them to get it on, both men stare at each other, Adams offers his hand!!!, The Rock looks at him...

GARY- Chris Adams being the gentlemen he is, is offering to have handshake, what a Guy!!!

TM- The Rock, does not seem impressed, The Rock extends his hand, they shake....Rock nails Chris, and again, Chris goes down.....That's it, Rock has had enough, Chris is back up, rock nails him, and again, sends Chris to the ropes, clotheslines him down, Adams rolls to the outside, The Rock follows, grabs him, right hand, and again, slams his head against the Barrier....Adams goes down, Rock pulls him up, right hand, and again, knocks him over the barrier into the crowd.....Adams is back up, Rock grabs him by the hair, pulls him back over the barrier, and slides him in the ring....Rock re-enters, Adams is up, asks for a Time out, Rock kicks him to the gut, and again, sends him to the ropes, right hand, knocks Adams down.....Adams tries to exit, Rock pulls him up, right hand, and again, dumps Adams in the corner, showers him with right hands, Adams goes down....

GARY- The Rock is not acting like a Gentlemen, let the Man get up, this is not fair, Adams is up, Rock grabs him, sends him to the ropes, Back body drop.....Adams is down, Rock pulls him up, right hand, and again, sends him to the corner, Rock follows in, Adams moves....Rock stumbles back, Adams goes for a clothesline...Rock ducks, kicks Adams to the gut, Roll-Over DDT!!..Adams is down, Rock covers...he could have it here...................1...................2.......The Gentlemen kicks, Rock is up, grabs Adams, Adams elbows rock to the gut, and again, Rock stumbles back, Adams is up, jabs The Rock, and again, Rock reels back, Adams jabs him again, goes for another right hand, Rock blocks, nails Adams, and again, sends him to the ropes, Samoan Drop....Adams is down, Rock covers again, has Adams got enough to kick out..................1..........................2..............Adams kicks, Rock is up, pulls Adams up, right hand, and again, knocks him to the corner, kick to the gut, and again, pulls him to the middle of the ring, Adams low blows him, into a small Package, Great Move, could have the Rock beat................1......................2..........No, Rock Kicks, Both men are up, Adams misses a right hand, Rock nails him, goes for a SpineBuster, Adams blocks, applies a headlock, Rock sends Adams to the ropes, Adams ducks the clothesline, Rock turns round, catches Adams with a SpineBuster!, Adams is down, and The Rock is now on the home straight!!!

TM- The Rock standing over Adams, chucks his pad away, he can smell the Win, and so can the the ropes......and again....The People Elbow!!!....Rock Covers.......................1........................2...........What, Regal is in, stomps on The Rock, and again, The Ref is up, tells Regal to go, regal pushes the ref aside, stomps on the Rock, Rock is back up, Regal nails him, they go to the corner, Regal nails him, and again, sends him to the opposite corner, Regal goes to follow in, but the Rock comes out the corner, and clotheslines Regal down, Regal is back up, rock nails him, and again, Regal goes down again, The Ref is back up, Rock pulls Regal up, and sends him to the outside......Rock turns round....OH, SUPERKICK!!...By Adams......Rock is down, Adams covers, he could have it ever, that's his finisher...................1..........................2.................Foot on the ropes, by the Rock.......Oh God!....Adams is up, he cant believe it, pulls the Rock up, right hand, and again, Goes to send Rock to the ropes, Rock reverses, goes for the Rock Bottom, No Regal is back in, nails Rock to the back, Rock goes down........The Ref has had enough, calls for the bell!!!

RESULT- The Rock wins by DQ-

TM- Regal & Adams stomping away on the Rock, and here comes Lance Storm, with a Mixed British-Canadian Flag!!!

GARY- I think the Anglo-Canadian Alliance is sending a Message to the EIWF!!!

TM- and Storm enters the ring, as the 3 stand over the Rock, waving the Flag, and the crowd, Booo with disapproval!

GARY- This is Great!!!!

EIWFTRON- Backstage Mean Gene is with Hollywood Hogan-

GENE- Hollywood we are just moments away from your match with Slash, but first can we talk about what we have just seen, the Anglo-Canadian Alliances attack on The Rock!

HOGAN- What about it Gene?

GENE- is that not saying what the CREW can do, we can do too!

HOGAN- What the CREW do is go out there with baseball bats do get a job done, we don't wave flags about!

GENE- but you savagely beat Super Fire, while they have just beat the Rock!

HOGAN- Super Fire was a Main Eventer, he was a Threat, which we dealt with, the Rock was set to face Raven, but ended up facing Chris Adams, he aint no threat, so why would the CREW want to beat the Rock, brother!

GENE- what about the point Mr Regal made, they have more gold than you!

HOGAN- the EIWF World Title, is worth 10 TV Titles, and the Tag Belts, Davie & Eddie have been there done that!!

GENE- so we wont be seeing a CREW against Anglo-Canadian Alliance fued, soon!

HOGAN- if that happens, the EIWF will be on a road very similar to the ICW, a Road to Ruin!

GENE- and you?

HOGAN- to save myself from that Gene, I'll go back to Hollywood and make some Movie!!

GENE- so moving onto your match with Slash tonight!

HOGAN- Gene, Hollywood's gone over this time and time again, I have already ousted Big Poppa, and tonight Slash is heading the same way, he aint in my league, and tonight I'll show him why I am the MAN!, and the Militia will be over, cos once Davie has punished metyl for one whole Hour, the CREW will be walking tall, and we'll do it 4-Life!!!

Hogan walks off screen!.

GENE- Well there you have it, Hollywood Hogan against Slash, Next!!!!

TM- thanks Gene, and while we wait for that Match, Gary, I have noticed the Prez is still not here!

GARY- Tim, we don't even know if he's gonna be, and this whole deal, we don't know what it is, or how its gonna affect us!

TM- well with the IronMan Match still too look forward too, this Night has been great!

GARY- some great action, and we've still got that BattleRoyle, which should be Fun!!!

Sad But True hits as Slash walks out!

TM- Here we go, Slash meets Hollywood Hogan!, two big names, with a something to prove!

GARY- but my money is on Hollywood, I mean, like he said, He beat Big Poppa, and Slash aint no better!

Voodoo child hits as Hollywood Hogan walks out, and heads to the ring..


TM- and here is the Man!

GARY- this man has had World Titles, every where he has gone, Slash is not in his league!

TM- well were about to find out!.


TM- Hogan enters the ring, tears his shirt off, trying to intimidate Slash, Hogan throws the shirt at Slash, Slash catches it, and blows his nose on it, and chucks it back at Hogan, and Hogan don't look too impressed by that, Hogan chucks the shirt aside, and paces the ring, Slash calls for a lock up, Hogan accepts, Slash pushes Hogan to the corner, the hold is broke, Slash nails Hogan, and again, Hogan drops down, and rolls out....Hogan walks round the outside, Slash waits in the ring...Hogan re-enters, asks for a test of strength, Slash accepts, Hogan kicks Slash to the gut, Right hand, and again, sends Slash to the ropes, Slash ducks the clothesline, Hogan turns round, Slash dropkicks hogan down, Hogan rolls to the outside, Hogan taking a walk again, Hogan paces the outside, As Slash waits in the ring, he calls Hogan back in, Hogan re-enters, the two lock up, Hogan knees slash to the gut, elbow across the back, and again, pulls slash up, right hand, and again, Slash goes to the corner, Hogan kicks him to the gut, sends him to the opposite corner, Hogan follows in, Slash moves, Hogan stumbles back, Slash grabs Hogan.....neck Breaker.....Hogan is down, Slash covers, looking for an early win....................1................Hogan Kicks, both men are up, Slash nails Hogan, and again, sends him to the ropes, clotheslines Hogan down, drops an elbow, and again, pulls Hogan up, sends him to the ropes, Standing Sidekick, Hogan stumbles back, Slash clotheslines him to the outside.......Hogan is down on the Outside, Slash calls to the crowd, who react well....

GARY- Hogan needs to stay down, and re-group, Slash is a different Wrestler than Big Poppa, Big Poppa was Power, Slash is quicker, Hogan is back up, slides back in, asks for another Test of strength, Slash accepts, Hogan takes the advantage, Slash drops down to one knee, Hogan's power coming through, Slash fights back to his feet, they break up, Hogan nails him, and again, and again, sends Slash to the ropes, clotheslines him down, Slash is back up, Hogan nails him, and again, Slams Slash down, drops an elbow, covers...................1..............Slash Kicks, Hogan pulls him up, big right hand, and again, sends Slash to the ropes, clotheslines him down, pulls Slash up again, knocks him to the corner, right hand, and again, Slash goes down, Hogan chokes him with his boot....Hogan breaks the chokehold on 4...Hogan pulls Slash up, Sidesuplex......Slash is down, Hogan stands over him, off the ropes, Misses a Big Elbow, Hogan took too long, Slash is up, as is Hogan, Slash kicks him to the gut, and again, goes for a DDT, Hogan powers him to the corner, Hogan is up, nails Slash, and again, sends him to the opposite corner, follows in with a clothesline....Slash stumbles out, Hogan nails him down....Hogan in total control now, only a Matter of time, Hogan pulls him up, big right hand, and again, sends him to the ropes, Slash ducks the Big Boot, Hogan turns round, Slash nails him, and again, Hogan goes to the ropes, Slash goes for another right hand, Hogan back body drops him to the outside.......Slash hit hard, Hogan slides out, pulls Slash up, right hand, and again, sends him into the barrier....Slash goes down, the Ref tells him to get back in the ring, Hogan pulls Slash up, slides him back in, Hogan re-enters, signals to the crowd, Its Over, Hogan pulls Slash up, BackSuplex.....Hogan raises his hand to his ear, the crowd react indifferently, I'm with you Hollywood, drop the Leg, and take the Victory, Hogan off the ropes, and Slash moves, Hogan hits down hard, he missed the Legdrop, Slash pulls Hogan up, Slash DDT's Hogan down....

TM- Slash back in control now, Slash covers, might have it................1.....................2...........No, Hogan kicks, Slash pulls Hogan up, right hand, and again, BackBreaker by Slash, Hogan is down, Slash heads up top, we might see a Splash here......No, Hogan is back to his feet, Slash from the top, with a Missile dropkick, Hogan is down, Slash covers...........1............................2................Hogan Kicks again, Slash pulls him up, knocks Hogan to the corner, Hogan begs off, Slash shakes his head, Hogan low blows Slash...Slash drops down, Hogan nails him to the back, and again, pulls Slash up, goes to send Slash to the ropes, Slash blocks, goes to send Hogan to the corner, Hogan blocks, and sends Slash into the Ref, The Ref goes down, Slash turns round, Hogan catches him with the Big Boot, Slash goes down.....We have no Ref, Hogan looks around.....Hogan exits the ring, and grabs a Steel chair....Hogan is gonna make Sure Slash is injured bad, Hogan enters with the chair.......He's gonna lay waste to Slash.......Man in the Box Hits.....Hogan looks up, Wait a Minute, that is the Music of Big Poppa.......Hogan looks at the entrance way, no One comes out...Hogan holding that chair..........That is Big Poppa's Music.....

GARY- Hogan is ready & waiting, What the Hell is this, its Big Poppa, jumping the barrier, in the ring, behind Hogan, Hogan still looking down the entrance way....Poppa taps Hogan on the shoulder, Hogan slowly turns round, Poppa nails him, and again, Hogan drops the chair, Poppa nails Hogan again, Poppa sends him to the ropes, clotheslines Hogan down.....Big Poppa looks Bigger than Ever, Pulls Hogan up, Double Underhook Suplex....Poppa grabs Hogan again, right hand, and again, Gutwrench Suplex.....Poppa grabs the chair, Oh No, this aint right, where's the Damn Ref....Hogan on his knee's, Poppa waits, Hogan is back up, Poppa nails Hogan with the chair, and again, Hogan goes down, Poppa nails Hogan across his back, Hogan is down.......Poppa drops the chair, and applies the Poppa Recliner........he's choking Hogan out.....Come on Ref, get up!!!,....Slash is moving.....At Last, Eddie D is out, and on his way down, Poppa drops the hold, and exits the ring, Eddie misses a right hand, Poppa nails him, and again, clotheslines Eddie down, Eddie went down hard, Slash covers Hogan....No, not like this......The Ref is there..................1..........................2............................3...

RESULT- Slash wins By Pinfall-

TM- Slash & Big Poppa take Revenge on Hollywood & the CREW!, Slash beats Hogan, Poppa is back in, Hogan rolls out, Eddie helps him up, as Sad But True hits, what a Match, and Big Poppa is back, and was he the EIWF Superstar, we were promised would return tonight!

GARY- that was an outrage, Hogan was attacked, this is not on!

TM- Fans stay with us, cos the Battle Royle is next!!!!

EIWFTRON- Backstage Davie J is with Michael Cole!!!

COLE- I am Here with the EIWF World Champion, who in the Main Event, will go 60 minutes, with Metyl, in the EIWF's first Ever IronMan Match!!!

DAVIE- Michael Cole, Your Role,.....Know It,.....Your Mouth.....Shut It!!!!

Davie pushes Michael Cole Aside!

DAVIE- Metyl you just remember what happened to Super Fire Jr, the CREW took him apart and if your not careful you will be next. Metyl I hope you realise what you are letting yourself in for. I am the best there is, I am the real deal. I dont look at other people and think oh I want to be them and use there catchphrases, No Metyl, thats you!
You look at Davie J and you are jealous. You want my success, you want the fame, the money, the girls and you want to call yourself the ICON. But Metyl take a look around you, at your Militia. How do you expect to become a world champion when you surround yourself with idiots!, I've got World,US,TV & Tag champs surrounding Metyl, this is Guilty as Charged, and its time for your WAKE UP call!!!! and remember..........ALWAYS STAY TRUE TO THE CREW!!!

Davie walks off......

Footage is then shown of Metyl earlier in the week!!!!

METYL- Davie J. finally you can't run anymore. Finally you won't be able to hide behind your CREW. Finally, you will face your worst nightmare. Finally, you will meet the one man who makes your blood run cold. ME!!! I know, I know, it's in an Iron Man Match. I know it's 60 minutes of sheer brutality. But Davie J. for me it's just 60 minutes of Me kicking your CREW ASS!!! And then when I'm finished beating your ass, I'm gonna take your belt and I will bring the future of the EIWF to where it belongs. With the Militia. The CREW is dead. But the Militia will live on forever. you will finally have the chance to relinquish your ICON-ship to the REAL ICON of the EIWF. Finally you will be able retire gracefully as a Hall Of Famer. And Finally I will be able to cripple the one man who I hate more than anything. And I will cripple you. You will feel the Sic and Twisted. Not once, not twice, no, I will deliver as many times as it takes to snap your neck. When the EMT's are taking your ass away on a stretcher and I am standing in the middle of the ring with your belt on my shoulder, my Militia standing around me, and these people screaming and chanting my name, then I will know that justice has been served. Because you see Davie, it's an EYE FOR AN EYE, and PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH!!! YOUR FUTURE DOESN'T LIE WITH THE CREW IT LIES WITH... THE MILITIA!!!! I AM THE PUSH THAT MAKES YOU MOVE!!!

The Footage ends.....

TM- Both those men are Ready!...and as we look on in the ring, we can see an array of New Talent....Spike, Dark Angel, the Maniac, dynamite Darren, The Hunty Boy & Lance Storm, this should make a change!!!!

Unfortunately this is all of the show we currently have.

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